Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Rant

Clue me in to one small thing if you will.
I am watching and observing, and find
In you satisfaction, and do so fill
My heart with laughter and fair peace of mind
From you gimmicks and flounderings that I
Really wish to know why it is you try
So hard to be what everyone else sees,
Feel what everyone else in their hearts feel,
Taste at every remark what you should taste
As if some man marked you at every turn
And reported you for crimes; in such haste
You run about your day that I do burn,
And think it as odd. Yet you look at odds
With me, as if we were not friends, but foes.
I am your friend am I not? Peas in Pods,
Birds of Feather, Shoes and laces, what toes
Were ever seen apart from a foot that
You should think me but a fool, crass and fat,
Not worth your time and effort, a mere tool
To be used and thrown away when I start to drool
In public and make a scene unwanted?
Are you by public favor so hunted
That you cannot look on me but to peer
Past my shoulder at someone else more apt
To give you what you want, do you so fear
To be seen with me, are you so far wrapped
Up in your world of doings that you have
No satisfaction in all else that brave
Man is capable of? Does it make you
Comfortable to avoid my strong gaze,
Drooling though I may be and in one foul craze,
Do you think to avoid discomfort by
Closing your eyes to it though it be in
Your very heart and soul until you die.
Is this not the power of pride and sin,
That it should fear to look on another
And crave solitude eternal from one's
Sister, Mother, Father, or kind brother?
I stand here, awaiting your answer. Shun
Me not, for I am persistent as a
Widow whose need for the judge every day
Compelled her to act upon her base need;
And I upon your silence merely feed.

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