Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Missing You

Because a world of memories is clear
To the one who holds them close, as a dear
Heart holds close the memory of of a soul
That helped you to surrender all control
In the moment; and what better moment
Than that inexplicable time present
To us in this waking state of being
To open up anew our hearts and sing?
But memories once shared loose their luster,
And loose all their power; I did muster
So many a time at the thought of you
The needed energy to make it through
A blistering day of dreariness, a
Frigid day of hopelessness. Does a May
Lie waiting around the corner if I
Should expose these thoughts? Shall memory die
If I share with another the this old bliss?
Or shall I forever loose you and miss
You; even as shadows miss stormy clouds?

Missing You, (c) Luke Bennette, December 2012

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