Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Offense

To tell you the truth I have no thoughts on
The matter of which you speak  because no
One thought to think of me before the pawn
Was placed on the front lines; where he was O
So quickly killed by his relations that
No one would have thought they were of kin!
Yet you have the nerve to ask of me, fat
Young-ling, of what my thoughts consist of? Dim
In the head are you to have suggested
I vent my thoughts through the kettle of my
Teeth by the vent of mine own throat with dread
Power made strong in the vastness of dry
And angry lungs, so dim witted is your
Mind! But come now, do you think I, I
Who do not know the meaning of a feud,
Who do not know a political sigh
From a knife in the dark that draws red blood,
Can honestly give you my mind without
Spilling your own fair cherry blood? A hue
The color of white wine, as yours, would rue
A soup, would drain a blush, would cause a true
Love to become indifferent! I tell you,
Since you have asked me kindly by the lips,
Though your heart is maliciously seeking 
To bury in'my heart poisoned arrow tips,
That the mistakes of your family, king
Of this corrupt town or no, shall cause it's
Honor and blessings to soon crumble down
Into the vat of despair that it treads
Upon! The sewers shall be home for clown
Jerry and Tremblton! All because heads
Did not role for the offense against pawn
Juan Josephat; whom I will have you know
Is...was, my dearest friend in all the world.
Ask me another question, but do show
That you mean it to be the sweet herald
That announces your retreat! Make your bow
Now, and go; before I treat with you as
Party to that party of thieves that pass
Unmarred through the gates of justice at court!
Now being gone he shall perhaps make sport
Of my threat, and my angry spate as jest
He will consider it. Yet all the worse
For he, and for they who sent him to me;
For I shall see this town of them set free.

                    The Offense, (c) Luke Bennette, January 2012

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