Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2012

Part I

One more day. One more year.
This I treasure, yet also fear.
One more minute, one more hour.
I feel minute, without much power!
Ever older I grow, every day I stretch.
I increase in what I know, like a dog I fetch
Through the streets of time blessed experience;
My heart still beats, but it seeks recompense
For what choice must do, what it must choose
(Such is life, a stretching yew that cannot loose
If it is but directed by man's own heart,
If it is respected enough that it may impart
Upon a new generation what it has learned;
For such renumeration my heart has burned).
Still stepping forward though my heart breaks.
Still crashing onward through many mistakes.
Seeking a pearl of great price in the streets
I admit no regret, love knows no defeats!
Thus one more day and one more year
Is but a small ray, is but a drop, a tear
In the bucket of time's stretching hand.
A day is a rhyme I seek to understand.
A year is a song which is fitted to a tune.
A minute  a strong wave, gone by to soon.
And an hour is enough to make the day
Worth all the while, rough as it may
Be to take upon yourself the weight
Of the world far gone in hatreds spate
It's worth it all if we keep on going!
We cannot fall, though the wind may be blowing.
One more day until tomorrow,
One more ray of light in sorrow.
One more year to memorize the song
To drive back fear, to right the wrong.
One more minute to seek the truth,
To search, to situate, my mind forsooth.
One more hour to persevere,
Surrender power, and conquer fear!
This I treasure, yet inside I quake,
I pray for surety that I make no mistake.
You pray with me that love may be our guide,
And make no mistake, see that with love allied
We shall move forward without regrets,
Our sorrows no sword shall be, no frets
Shall cross our mind, and by the cross we bear
We shall surely find the way to overcome the snare
Of pride, arrogance, and vanity of vanities;
One more day of penance, then we shall seize
With glorious intent the crown of life,
We poor peasants shall overcome strife.
One more day, one more year.
With you, my ray, my hope, my dear...

Part II

My love! I'll hold you in my arms today,
To strengthen, make bold, your heart of May!
That tonight when I leave you will be strong;
Strong enough to weave through the throng
Of years and days, of minutes and hours,
Of Kings and Peers, false love and powers!
Hold onto me, I will make you well;
By love you see shall the heart that is fell
Be healed, wounded with love's sharp lance.
Come my dear. Hounded you must learn to dance.
One more day with me, one more year to go.
One more minute with me, one more hour shall show
That I love you, and never shall hate;
Let not the loose sand of everlasting fate
Misunderstood by your heart of stone
Mislead you! I would have you atone
For what you do to yourself, and to me;
For rejecting my love, the wealth of the sea.
Hold onto me, find forgiveness, be not afraid!
You shall be free, your mind will be made
Whole and sound, full of merriment;
One more day is found, to you is sent
So that you may accept my hand, outstretched
That you may be kept in love, in me.
I am here for you, please, do not reject my fee
Of love for love and heart for heart.
I am here above, your only part
Is to say yes, to accept, to ask for my love!
And the minutes you will not rue, the hours of
Each and every day and year
Shall be for you a treasure, a ray; and fear
Shall depart, you shall be at peace.
Love others, and my love in you shall increase.

               Happy 2013 (c) Luke Bennette, January 2013

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