Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exit the Merry Go Round

In life we see but one struggle;
Man's search for truth, in full.
Yet only through strife comes he to conclude
That within himself he doth still elude
The dreaded answer which he seeks to find;
The truth is already within the mind.
And so we see in many men,
Whether eight, or nine, or twenty times ten
Years of age (in youth's or strong veterans)
The inner struggle which inside us spans.
A wide variety of characters and choices;
For the struggle takes on many such voices.
But if man seeks to overcome this drama
He must take a hint from the Dali Lama,
From the Pope, from a simple hermit;
But first he must himself be open and permit
The hint that has hinted within his soul,
That single voice that is the whole
Of what mankind seeks upon the shoal
Of eternity, the landmass of this earth;
It beckons from across the water's girth
To walk towards life and give up death.
So in the drama we are of life bereft
Because we find the answer and still forsake it,
Upon our golden answer we foolishly sit.
Ill content and ill at ease with what is offered
We listen to the drama that is proffered
By our senses and confirmed by our reason too.
We struggle to answer the voice that is true,
We stop short of happiness divine
And day after day in a drama we pine.
One day we are young, the next we are old.
One night we pout and another make bold.
Yet we never acquire what it is we seek,
We are too broken, to tame and weak;
Unable to give our all for what's worth.
The answer we seek is a new rebirth.
An exit from this drama we play,
And into a communion with each other. Pray
What is the name of this voice that we hear
That wills to be heard through the chatter of fear?
It is true character from which all the rest
Find their fullness, in it they are best.
So struggle on if you will, but as for me
I shall give in to the epitome
Of character that is made free.
Thus the conclusion of this drama is known
To be in Jesus Christ, which I hope to have shown
By these words that have come before;
Now you must exit life's struggle through the open door.

                    Exit the Merry Go Round, (c) Luke Bennette, February 2013

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