Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wresting Dreams

Are you awake that you should shake
So violently upon your bed?
But foolish thoughts such as these
Are meant to be the food thats fed
To a man that's delusional,
A man that's only partly full,
A man unwilling to be sure;
Thoughts cannot the answer procure.
For though I think you are asleep,
And dream on in eternity.
Where else are dreams to take us to?
Than the realm untouched by what we
See with our eyes, hear with our ears;
For it reveals to us our fears,
Hopes, desires, our faith in the love
That still fires our hearts (doth renew).
Then say to me, awake my friend!
Do not remain there, do not end
Your days before your time has come.
Return to me, and before you
Wake knowingly search and take from
Your dream what you sought while awake;
For else dreams are but dusty shelves,
And are as wanting as the stake
That's got only martyrs ashen
Remnants about fires cold remains.
Yet the one whose sought out in dreams
What he's searched for in life and claims
Understanding of what is seen
Beyond the senses of his waking state
Challenges what was his own fate.
For though violently he should act
When wresting with worries of life,
His dreams afford him this small fact,
Knowledge of how to end his daily strife.

Wresting Dreams (c) Luke Bennette, February 2013

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