Thursday, April 25, 2013

A list of Sayings

Have you for me today my friend,
A thought a word or deed?
A sentimental heartfelt phrase
To make an ink pen bleed?
Have you a simple metaphor
By which your excess need
May be expressed in such a way
As to make haste and speed...

What have you now for me tonight,
Tis but another rhyme!
Have you a gist of syllables,
A sigh by which to pine?
What catchphrases of language
Will you this fair night maim?
What ambiance will go to waste
While you speak words so lame...

How many lines will you obscure
With ill begotten meaning?
How long before you do procure
A dictionaries gleaning?
Wherefore art thou, in nothingness!
No sense in you is found!
What happenstance could make you think
A square's that's clearly round....

Is all that's in your head but fluff,
Philosophies of yearning?
Has traveling within the bluff
Filled head and heart with burning?
Is common sense dead inside you
Or is that but a dream?
Please understand me when I say
You make me want to scream...

Which way is up and which is down,
Are you perplexed indeed?
By words expressed you are a clown,
And smell of herbs and weed.
In likes or um's or well you know's
You shake your head and smile.
I smile back, and all my shows
Label you infantile...

Your woeful tales do speak your mind,
But hardly speak of you.
Your actions tell me what I'll find,
They give to me a clue.
Your body language so awkward,
I want to run and hide!
Like Antony I'll find a sword,
Despair is born of pride...

Theology has never been
Your forte, this I guess.
For what is wrong is deemed as right
In how you deem to dress.
Theirs so much more to you I say,
Than meets the eye's first glance.
Yet you believe in expose
Bare as the floor you dance...

And what of you O ape divine,
Is this how you respond?
You look at her and for her pine,
And lead her far beyond!
Were not you meant to be for her
A shinning Knight in deed?
Was not a man a womans sure
Defense in time of need...

Now tell me dear professor sir,
Your catchy wit for me,
Explain the symptoms of the cur
Who strongly speaks of thee?
Why has it gotten into man,
That youth is somehow blessed?
Overcome with good looks they tan,
With ignorance obsessed...

A family is not a whole,
Its parceled out like doe.
This government is but a toll,
A bell that signals woe.
When everyone is thought of as
A simple means of gain,
By ill economy's bad spaz,
Such medicine is pain... 

                     A List of Sayings... (c) Luke Bennette, April 2013

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