Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Unwind...

You simmer and simper at the mouth with quips
That hardly remind me of Karate kicks!
Yet the simmer becomes a boiling range;
And as such I can hardly say I am sage,
For I have fueled the fire by poking round
Within your mind. Fetters, if they are not sound
Do come loose with time, just you wait and see;
For anger is stewed out of great misery.
Then ask yourself what you would write on her
Who you do believe to be unhappy. Were
You in such a position to stop
At the red light you'd consider the cop
Waiting to start up the chase with such glee ,
Releasing his rage, O quite merrily,
While he steps on your mistake full throttle
So as to escape the need for the bottle
Of booze or other supplements to choose;
Embracing these things he forgets he is ooze:
believes, for a moment, he's worth his pay.
So don't go sticking your head in the fray,
Rather, wait patiently and change your mind,
Lest a simmer becomes a boiling unwind.

                          How to Unwind, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2013

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