Monday, April 15, 2013

Belief; that which in effect gives relief
To one who holds something to be most true.
Therefore when I say that I suffer grief
Wherefore art thou? My dearest friend most true?
For believe me most assuredly, or
Else my eyes shall be shut to thee, that wealth
Has no effect upon me. For the oar
Made of gold has no opposite, and health
Cannot be obtained through unspent trinkets
Kept for the sake of a covetous heart.
Why in it believe? Its power ill begets,
And can only in circles tear apart
What was once as clear a path as ever
Could be; the aftermath of purity
Made firm by commitment, that did never 
Waver, found out to be no more than free
Stagnant waters: a fair wind that proved in
Time most foul! And so sweet relief did soar
For but a time by the oldest known sin;
A believe rooted in pride which did gore
Us as a spear in the side, in the rib.
Why leave me alone, why from my side fly?
When two hearts become one and one has hid
It leaves itself in the open to die.
So belief in oneself, whether married
Or not, is the fools fate; by which one finds
That he has bought nothing (since he tarried
In trusting the Spirit that guides all minds).
Such fools--one alone, or two in one--make
By their failure a proof for trust in God;
For sin's a tailor that measures and takes
So that the bride and the groom through life plod
As a result of their naiveté.
For though they be rich in pocket and purse
They discovered their union in a fray.
Art thou satisfied, do you understand?
Wealth supplies not belief in the other.
It cannot supplant, replace, nor demand
Of belief that it should remain firm; sure
Hope and commitment lies in poverty
Of spirit, meekness, and gentility.
For such characteristics attract, and
Do touch the heart with a wealth of sweet bliss
Such as we affect in the springs warm kiss.
So believe that belief is by God's hand
Nourished and sustained in natures design
By which man and woman both first do pine
For the love of God which they discover
Is the key to loving one another.
Relief, an affirmation of belief
By which one finds bliss and avoids much grief.

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