Friday, May 3, 2013

Blazing the Trail

Teeter totter back and forth,
West to East then South to North,
Walking, Running, Jogging through
The storms of life that break anew!
Overcome with weariness,
Looking for that life of bliss,
Never able to find a trace
Of what on earth has no face.

But in the mud and in the rain,
Falling down, enduring pain,
Sliding through a snowy bank,
Blinded by long hair most rank,
You suddenly see in a man
What you missed before; God's plan.
He smiles at you, you smile back,
Your heart is filled and does not lack
What at first it sought to gain
Through toil and labor's refrain.

Music sounds within you heart,
Color blazes forth in part,
Chimes ripple through the wind,
Sight receives whats in the wind.

Then gone is the man that was,
You search around for him because
His presence was a mercy too
Your aching body turning blue.
Yet worry not! You'll find a way
To discover him again, and may
Find him where you least expect.
He resides in hearts that do protect
With fervor and passionate strides
The children of God borne on the tides
Of this unreasonable world;
He is to them a great herald
Of faith, hope, and love in men.
By him each man and woman
Finds peace in each others form,
Discovers purpose as the norm,
Becomes anew creation in
The absolution of dreaded sin.

So do not worry that he is gone.
He will return when you go. Anon!
Walk, run, or jog if you will.
You will find him in others still
Waiting with that blessed smile;
Remain in his love all the while
You search and you will be amazed.
The heart once dead again has blazed.

                        Blazing the Trail, (c) Luke Bennette

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