Wednesday, May 15, 2013

O Cherubim

O Cherubim divided
Where does your heart reside?
In whom have you confided
While scorn, bitterness, and pride
Remain steadfast companions
In heart, mind, body and soul?
You pick the pedals in the fashion
That is expected of a foal
That's pressed on and on until
It breaks upon the floor; or worse yet
It loses all desire to have its fill
As it seeks to fill others desires unmet.
So wherein lies your heart O friend
That you forage and hunt in farmers land?
Your soul is restless, through the fog you wend.
You search for solid ground on which to stand.  
Add divisions divided
That never become whole again
And you shall be never reunited
With blessed bliss and peace, your friend.
Is it not the case that when we seek truth
It hides inside and waits for silence,
While in noise it remains aloft, aloof?
And can you not give it such recompense,
A quiet room in your cavernous heart? 
Or is all within a buzz of sound
That cuts your very self apart?
And is it not the case in life that death
Is made apparent to us when we do shift
From soft and slow apparent breath
To the lumbering breath we barely lift?
So Cherubim divided, why
In your heart have you decided to die
By feigning life in every way
While inside you die, each day, by day?
Do you not know that the path to God
Is littered with souls through which you must plod
And that these cannot be ignored at all
Whether they grimace, smile, laugh, or applaud?
O Come death,
If a living death I do live; and shake
Me to my core that I may give breath
To the fear that gnaws and makes me break!
Give words to this life in which I live
By which I may delight in presents straights
And conquer myself so as to give
By which I may attain the pearly gates!
Admonishing defeat depart!
Be now gone from me, and from my heart.
For this I know, that life is bliss and pain
Woven together into a blessed strain
Made beauteous by what they mean and say.
This I have faith in, I hope in, I pray...

                   O Cherubim (c) Luke Bennette, May 2013

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