Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Play, Play, Play...

Play on I say! That whatever play may
Serve your purpose or your fancy today
Will at least give you joy; which is to say
That it should and it must if it is true
To it's origin within me and you!
You see friend, play in it's seriousness slew
Those skeptics, doubters, and all nay sawyers!
Put to work men of action. Now lawyers
Do seek to define with exact censures
The meaning of the word play in our lives;
Yet they, by their words and in their fair jibes
About how play is nothing but bee hives
While the true value is hidden within
Fail to realize their folly, their sin.
That in their statements they do seek to win,
And so are at play with words and phrases,
Just as a child who walks through hedge mazes,
As a teenager who goes through phases.
So play on they say! It's of no concern
To we who act in reality! Burn
Your lives away with meaning drift! Turn
From what's good and worth living in this world.
Yet they by their actions are the herald
Of what it means to play on. For their sword
Is their tongue, just as a boy's is plastic,
Their comb is law, which is so elastic
That it is part of the game to make stick
The most unreasonable judgement's. So
I ask you now, don't play with me! Show
Me what you mean, guarantee me to know
What it is that is play? Reality?
Illusion? Or some high born fantasy?
Never mind! Play on! Sail the rolling sea
Of confusion well ordered by man's play,
The many forms, or the norms, of the day.
I will discover my answer in May...
When I've unraveled the mysterious play.

                     Play, Play, Play, (c) Luke Bennette

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