Monday, November 12, 2012

The Current Current

When asked what life I am leading today
I responded in quite a refraining
Tone. Because I cannot escape the fray
That is present in me. A refraining
Groan escapes my lips from time to time, sighs
Of frustration do become my heart strings
As I harp on my failings. A mile high
Wall as sharp as broken glass and knives sings
Merrily as it advances towards me;
Like a hare caught in the chase do I feel,
Already caught between the forest sea
And the weight of my fear's and of my zeal.

Yet when I stop to look around me I
Cannot help but laugh! For I found once in
This way that the hounds of hell in fact die
When I do not fight back against them. Sin
Is but an escape from God when a great fire
Is raging up within the soul. I wink
At those around me when I do aspire
To take that exit before I do sink
Into the abyss created by flames...
But having realized that my God names
Men and calls them to be,I realize
That ignoring my fears will set me free.
There is one fear that I must keep near me.
One light by which I will fight the great sea.
That is a fear of loosing my God, that
Fear that I should fail to laud out to him
Who has created me, has freed from that
Chain; a chain over a chasm, a brim
That seemed to close for my comfort. Thus
Now do I realize how foolish I
Do behave at times when I do espy
A fear from afar! When closing in on
It I do say "how bizarre" that I should
Think so much of this thing, to think upon
What is merely a ring of false beliefs,
Such recognition allows sweet reliefs!

I walk the flat of a narrow blade,
Between God and nothingness, am staid
By false fears and expectations from
What I seek, which is God. Conundrum
Two is that I do at times clamp down
Upon myself with a heavy frown,
And such behavior is not comely;
Tis a chain as much as fear. I see
Now that between the lines lies laughter,
At myself for being so serious.
I see outside there is a gaffer,
That tends to my lawn and yard; which prompts
Such tender emotions, thankfulness.
I see in the poor a heart of pain,
Which draws mine own into the refrain
Of compassion and mercy for them,
Of whom society speaks to condemn.
And in the end I smile with ease, as
She who did receive forgiveness from
The great and mighty I am, Jesus.
I hear the words, Go and sin no more,
And contemplate once more on the thrum
Of my heart beating with life giving breath...
I live my life for Christ until death.

Betwixt laughter and seriousness
Is the love of God which doth bless
The heart with happiness and mirth...
Which doth give to man new life, new birth.

Betwixt the stride of man's intent,
And the wavering will of his consent
Lies God in the mix, guiding both;
Who ever guides the tiller north.

Betwixt the Navy and Army
Lies the Marine all in green.
He does both for love of country,
Is willing to give from the spleen
His emotions made of glass,
And of his head the will to pass
Through fire and dungeon,
Through sword and gun,
Through every declension
By which victory is won.

So betwixt these fears and these sighs,
Betwixt these strides and many prides
You'll find me walking with God, my teacher;
Who finds a way to make me sure
That even in my mistakes I will find
That God still loves, still pays me mind.
And by such a teacher do I learn the task
Given in the previous lines.
No drama, no pretend or make believe,
Do I undertake in all of this, no mask
Do I put upon my brow filled with lines.
Rather I do relieve my inner self
With the greater portion of wealth
That comes from illuminating rays
Of God's purging mercy found in day's
Long enduring strike, it's piercing eye!
At the end of it all I will so sigh
With relief that I did cling to God, my belief,
And so be joined to him whom I do love,
Who is in heaven, my sweet God above.

What more can I say to assure you my friend
That I am as I am? Am on the mend?
I cannot, because we both still live.
And thank God for it! Since we may both still give.
So I'll keep on talking, and hopefully you
Will be there to hear me when I am blue.
And likewise I'll listen with a trumpet in ear;
Lest I should not what you have to say hear.

Then let all things be done, let it be!
Strive forward with a shrug and see
That there is no such thing as enemy
Unless it deprives you of God's mercy.

No more will I say.
Silence must bay
Out what is within;
Lest in speech I do sin
To speak forever,
Thinking myself clever.

Listen with me
To the sound of God
Within the sea
Of the world we trod...
Listen with me
That you may see...
The ray's of eternity.

                 The Current Current, (c) Luke Bennette, November 2012

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