Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seeing Music

Music to mine ears...
Keeps away my fears.
Dancing too and fro
Makes me want to know
Why it is that angels sing?
Why in them doth ring
The eternal song of God
Which they hear and laud?
For in hearing they speak
They comfort the weak,
And are turned back again
To the creator when
Having spoken their song
Comes a ringing gong
That signals the King
Is here in the Spring.
And so music doth ring
To me like a spring
Of water in the desert
When tempted to desert.
It doth shelter the soul
When the body seeks control.
It makes glad the heart
When struck by the dart,
The chalice and cup
The sufferance sup
In which we partake
When with hands we do make
The sign of the cross.
Our souls do cross
The chasm of pain,
When we utter his name.
So is music the sting
Of medicine to my flesh
That will my soul bring
My body to confess
How much I long for him
Who doth remove my sin
With a single glance
Even as I sing and dance.
Music be my remedy
When all else that I see
Has lost it's mystery.
Eyes look to the sea
That music can be,
Lest you dwindle away
At the passing of day.
Listen my heart
To music, the art
That is seen by the ear
That takes away my fear.

Seeing Music, (c) Luke Bennette, November 2012

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