Thursday, November 8, 2012

Words Must Do

In truth? I am unable to speak.
Why? For fear that words may appear weak.
My words? Well they are only a streak!
Within the past now gone is their peak.
It is the present now which I seek
With all it's rose pedals intact.
Yet the winter to come makes the pact
Of words wither in truth; tis a fact!
I, no matter the frost that will come,
am by future mystery outdone!
Whatever words I use to descry
The soul's beauty will go so awry
In the end that I should rather coat
My answer with the naked silence.
For in the quiet man may gaze so
Piercingly and yet not pierce the frame
Of woman. By such a silent show
Is the man by woman conquered. Name
One man who ever did enter in,
To the eyes of woman, who has made
His way back again to what he had been?
                                           For before...
Man saw woman he sought out the door
That would lead him to his salvation;
Yet wherever he went was he staid,
By drunks, gamblers, with debt was he paid
As he gave of himself to find God...
Then he saw her, he pushed past the bawd;
For her he forsook men, was outlawed
From the old way's of restlessness. Won
In woman's eyes the piercing delight
That slew his malicious heart; such bite
Was a gift, in order to heal his sight...

Such contradiction is what I face,
When with words a woman's form I do trace.
Then do not be angry with my lines
If they speak more of man. For he pines
For completion, having been alone;
In you your man will find, he is shown,
A source of love and a reason to serve,
That he may no treason commit. No swerve
May be found in the steps of a man
Who found true love of God through woman.

Then keep close to God O woman so fair.
Remain in him, and so by him prepare
To lead your man in God's loving ways,
Since you know so well of all his plays
You are well suited, apt, for all days
To direct the soul of one who loves you.
And are challenged by love to be true.

May he for his part give you his heart
As a ransom for your love; in part
Because such surrender's necessary.
Else a woman is chained, she is not free
To love her man however he may be.
Then keep no secrets when you have wed,
And keep each other's until you are dead.
Together wend the path to God,
Place upon his alter your human laud.
Ask often for each other's sake
That God give you courage for the stake
Of fire that will burn in your souls;
What is instilled within, embers, hot coals
Of his burning love that sustains you both.
This is my prayer for you, my word, my troth.

                                         Words Must Do... (c) Luke Bennette, November 2012

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