Saturday, January 21, 2012

Conscientious Objection

Today is just a poem. A stanza of verses. Enjoy. Read into them as you wish, and employ some lesson in your life; though if you've already learned the lesson within, then reminders touch is certainly no sin. 

Previous sleep, ever so helpful to my
Sanity, and just when I thought I would
Be falling down the crazy road of doom;
Sleep fell upon mine eyes, a kind boon.
Should there be something else I'm missing though?
What's in store for me when I'm asleep? so,
Vulnerable, so at peace, mind at ease.
Or is my mind at ease? For when I rest
An instant colouration besets, the
Darkness inside of my sockets turns to
Everything I've let go of, forgotten,
Left unchecked, and so my sleep becomes a
Nightmare of omission, a pantheon,
Of strange Gods, each with its own wants, desires
Ranging from foul deeds to beauteous
Hopes and desires; each adding in weight,
To the Calibre of my state. Such sleep,
Surely Hamlet knew, and sought avoidance,
Contemplated escape. Yet I, in joy,
Do attend; I Harken to these many thoughts;
How else to know, what changes that I ought
To implement, to address while alive?
Life's not a plague that I should derive so
Heinously to rid myself of its warmth.
What is it then, that I stay, and delay,
That inevitable trip will not wait,
When it comes I'll be at that dreaded gate;
So in order to find peace, to escape,
I'll need those dreams, and so contemplate
How to turn nightmares to beauties fancie.
When done, I'll know a blessed peace in sleep.

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