Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have a mighty fear of phones in general.

Everyone has a cell phone. Okay, I lied. Children in the womb have no cell phones, but I'm sure that eventually they will attempt to get a cell phone implanted down there so that the kid can telepathically tell his parents that he or she doesn't want the traditional blue or pink on his or her bedspread.

On that note, marketing can be a bit of a pain, particularly if the individual to whom you are marketing has no means of communicating with you. In order to increase the range of communication we have cell phones, email, and don't forget the luverly Skype videos. This wide range of communication helps on a number of levels, but it does not supplant the good old fashioned shaking of hands in person.

To me a phone is speaking to a disembodied voice. As an actor I resent it; we learned from Stanislovski that an actor needs all his parts to communicate, Aquinas held that in order to know a thing in any way we require the body, essentially you're short circuiting yourself by using a phone because it doesn't involve every sense! Awkward alert, anyone else wonder why sex is so pleasurable?

Here is my take on the thing.

What hopes do you gain in this endeavour,
By instant, yet tarnished, communication?
What the line-man gains from short term passes,
He inevitably loses through time;
Lack of hindsight loosens the bonds he held,
Frustrations arise, mixes friend and foe,
And for his lack of sight is defeated. 
Likewise the mechanic, so overwhelmed
With orders for repair, would with seeming
Logic leave out those few parts most needed;
Such action gives simple satisfaction
To his pressing needs, allows him his leave,
But leads to another's tragic demise.
Immediacy is clever disguise.

The disguise I speak of concerns what we think we've accomplished by a specific task. What do we do, why do we do it, how do the consequences affect everyone involved, what reprecusions will be placed upon our person?

While I exaggerate the complications of immediate communication and the inherent danger it creates for those who use it, I do not want to suggest that they are all bad. Indeed, I do love conversations with individuals from miles away, even though I fear calling them myself; one might even say such fear is foolish, though one might also say a fear of ants is foolish until he stumbles upon a nest of army ants.

In the end this questions may not matter much to you, though I'll ask it; what's more valuable, instant communication, or fullness of communication?

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