Friday, January 20, 2012

Flowers and Night, Terrors, Oh My!

Now I can't speak for everyone, but I'm fairly certain that most everyone, when I say that if you've woken up in the middle of the night filled with fright you usually have a hard time of getting back to sleep. Either that or you drank to much coffee the evening before and can't sleep it off.

Regardless of what category you fall into I'm sure that you all can empathise with having things on your mind that you are incapable of dealing with at the present moment. Everyone hopes for a moments relief in this life where they don't have to work, the endless repetition of it all sends even the most hardened of workers mad.

Strangely enough I was not the only one awake this evening, but when I woke I heard noises upstairs, and sure enough, there was my father getting ready for his work day. I politely asked him "how did you sleep?" To which he responded. "Been up since 2:30am." Mind you, this was at 5am. To which I responded, goes to show you, you must have some powerful Holy Spirit Juice to keep you going like that.

Essentially, we come down to a thin wire and we don't want to push against it, but strangely there are cases where prayer has positive effects; I'm not saying I'm special, well maybe I am, but when I was in Lourdes there was such a similar occasion where I woke up every night, had maybe five hours of sleep, and had a hard day of work ahead of me with volunteering to help Pilgrims. Now you can call it a hard drive in the worker that doesn't quit, but even the hardiest of computers will inevitably fail you, no matter how many buttons you push, eventually somethings got to give with hardware, and usually it's the hardware; it gives itself over to death.

So what's the point? What's the purpose that we endure all of these night frights for, if not for some greater purpose? Some greater glory? I can imagine Sigmund Froid would most likely say that such terrors were the results of unresolved issues experienced by the one who experiences the terrors; yet it doesn't explain why we endure them.

Why do we endure half the things we do? What motivation could possibly move us to live for another second in a world where our children are sold into sexual bondage, our adults live like Smog the Dragon from the Hobbit, and where some individuals just can't seem to figure out if they are male or female? God forbid that there should be some semblance of order, if he did you'd be sure there would be no reason for enduring. When attempting to answer these questions, no logical answer comes to mind, not from the head at any rate; in order to answer this question we must pay attention to the heart and all it's yearnings.

Hush for the Night: A Song by Luke Bennette

Should have known this would happen to people,
It's a given when you've not slept to much.
Try to make yourself sleep and your mappin,
A realm in your dreams where you can say hush!

Refrain: You're fading away, trying to stand up,
Make efforts to pray, to fill up your cup.
Mon Ami, bon courage! Don't shirk this away!
Use your advantage! Run straight to the fray,
Don't run away! Try to fight the good fight!
If you flee today, will you know you were right?

Things don't really look, like they're gonna pan out,
So you look in some book, whats it all about?
Don't cry, I just want to know when I sleep!
Don't fear for me, I don't want you to weep!


I don't know what dread, be it tomorrow?
Whether we'll all be dead, full of sorrow?
Head's pounding, filled to the brim, twisted hate!
What is not in the heart, wont compensate
I'll follow my part, not fall for this bait!
For wisdom tells me I can't cheat my fate!
And since there's no reason other than God,
I'll find my way back, my heart full of laud!


Will you let me sleep? I beg of you please!
Fatigue makes me weep! I want to believe!
That all your promises are what they ought!
I want to know, when I wake in the night,
This is what I fight for, this what I've bought!
I'm on the right side, a warrior for light!


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