Sunday, September 9, 2012

Electric Garden

A twang filled sky comes to mind tonight,
Comes a string quartet with all their might,
And silence dawns, a breach of grey light,
Then stands the figure, we hear delight,
A melody, soft and sweet to hear,
A melody, beautiful, and yet queer,
A cross between a doe, a young deer,
And the snarling dog, which you do fear,
The stalk of a predator, his stare,
The taste of his eyes, the standing hair,
Electric waves do crash, like a snare
In the forest that lays waste, lays bare
The intimate feelings of your soul,
Tears one apart, and yet makes them whole,
Thunder crashes down on earth bellow,
One wakes with speed, and a lightening show
Draws many a face with eyes to know
The sound of the sight which they now taste,
It draws them to the dawn with great haste!
It makes them wonder, light and sound laced,
Into a thunder, this dark figure.
So now they are drawn to the white dawn,
They see the silence light now upon
This figure who holds in hand so sure
A stringed instrument, a guitar blur...

What words express long lasting friendship?
Can it be a dull word? Or must it be a quip?
Can it be expressive, or must one word do?
Can it be hidden in something like a shoe?
Must it be in strange poems of light and sound?
Or can it be within a single sight thus found?
Does love become a moment, or a day?
Or a year for that matter? What do you say?
What words describe what always remains?
What expresses the joy's through sorrow's pains?

Enlighten me, O spirit of understanding;
Lest I too my words, ignorance bring.
Let me be shown the words that I must speak, forsooth!
Lest I speak to my friend, anything but the truth.

And in the end what shall I say to him?
But that I am thankful that with him I swim
In a myriad of mystery's, a plethora of thought,
A time of many memories, which our time together bought.
And I'll consider myself a dull witted friend,
If in time I forget, and shall hope he will mend
My foolish mind that forgets so easily,
And from my foolishness may my friend set me free.
Yet no matter the time that passes by,
I know, and so does he, as surely as the sky
Is blue without the clouds to obscure it,
That friendship is more than speedy wit,
More than the talent of a guitar in hand,
More than the words spoken, rehearsed or unplanned,
It's more than clever words put down to pen,
And more than what society say's of men.

What is friendship? I haven't a clue.
Yet strangely enough, I think what is due
To follow from a friendship is certainly time;
And that love from history creates, shapes, a rhyme.

So I see the dawning rays of light,
That bend from the guitar, this figure of might,
I hear in his song a thousand melodies,
A thousand moments, many memories,
And too hear the sound is enough to keep,
One from despair, such that he may weep
To hear the sound of a gentle breeze
Playing upon the golden crisp leaves.

For hidden in the realm of the invisible sight,
Is the greatest beauty one can behold.
And in the waves of sound our souls take flight,
Turn warm as day, transformed from winter's cold.

That is why friendship is invisible.
Because one cannot see the union of a soul...

Now I listen to the sound of my friend draw near,
He calls out to me, and I know, I have nothing to fear.

                         Electric Garden, (c) Luke Bennette, September 2012

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