Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Lord's Mountain

With loving ascent let us ascend high
And lofty white peaks; where the breathing sigh
of God may be heard by the one who seeks
His powerful word. Let the wind now streak
Through our whitened hairs, or brown, or black, or
Golden hue of sun; let not this great Orr,
Precious metal, be by us lost but won;
So while we trek this hill in simple garb,
We with a cord tie ourselves to the one
That ties us all together with a barb
Of suffering, of pure light, and of bliss;
Yet though this trek be to us a great fight
To climb the blessed peaks, let us miss
Not what we left behind, bespeaks the might
Of God in our hearts. And though our eyes do
falter from time to time upon the great
Valley bellow our brown lit robes, and dew
The likes of which drank, that second rate
Water devoid of life, that stank, though these
Sorts of things which once we valued with love
Do occupy our minds now far above,
We strive, nonetheless, through the mercy of
One whose peace is likened to a white dove.
But here the rocks do fall atop us, now
We cringe and fear the trek ahead, we bow
Against the wind that strikes our faces, drink
Deeply of the cold chill that takes our breath
As the travelers fee; what greater brink
Is there to walk than the one we do? death
Made powerful than the one we aspire
To? wherefore can we discover our God
Better than in the present sufferings? laud
Out praises more sincere? or trust in our
God's love, even though we do fear to loose
His precious gift? where else near or else far
Can we find in order that we may choose
To give to God what he now desires?
This is the mountain of our God we walk,
Though Earth it be called in all people's talk.
And as we age we climb it, higher still,
Or die upon the steps for lacking will
Of purity, humility, having
False desires for our fill water,
Or bread to eat; thus do I pray He sing
You a blessing, that you may then be sure
That he will be with you always, and then
In peace you may give yourself, a gift to men...

                     The Lords Mountain, (c) Luke Bennette, September 2012

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