Saturday, September 29, 2012


Concern abounds as I look across the this
Street of misery and pain; what a bliss
To hear the singing behind, the refrain,
The Chorus against this murderous reign,
So very unlike what falls from the sky...
Even my beliefs do utter a sigh.

Anger begins to gnaw at my side when
Seeing these phonies walk into their den;
Begins the heart to beat twice as fast, much
Too fast to consider the faintest touch
Of the mind with all seriousness. Oh
That I could only, with certainty, know...

It hurts to look at them standing there, sun
Streaking through the cold; the sound does now thrum
In the air like the many snow flakes that
Falter from the skies above. Like a bat
Comes swooping in from the side the mallet,
Destroying their home. It is pains valet...

From the sky I look down to see in flames
Those that run from the storm of bullets, names
I've never heard before in my life come
To mind when I look upon such strife. And
Is this all from a misunderstood word?
Words spread like fire when they have been misheard...

I take it all to the place where you dwell;
Rather than spewing forth such words of hell
That do inspire riots, revolts, and death.
I take it to you O Lord, in a breath
I speak of our need; and what this is I
Cannot say...not for certain. I do die
To consider the injustice abroad...
Do suffer to consider the pain. Bawd
As I do in times of distress I state
My self they servant as I contemplate
The meaning of these things, I ponder your
Word in my heart, lest I should so abhor
What I say to others. Yet you do sit
Upon your throne and listen to my rant...
Which I cannot understand! My dear aunt
Would chide me for behaving as such, my
Parents deride me for trying to vie
With the way things are, my brother would laugh
At my attempt to fix the world with math!
My sisters joke about how much in need
I am of down time, to relax and feed
On the niceties of the earth. But still,
Though they all consider me foolish, fill
Their heads with words as I have done before,
My mother sits in silent tears, and more;
For my father sits in silent wrath, his
Anger kindled against those who do wrong...
Whether intentionally, with song
Of malice and hate, or with ignorance...
Which is for some merely a second rate
Crime...Such are the things I consider in

I cannot add to the words expressed
By the silence of a mother, confessed
I there and then to my father near
That I loved them both, ever so dear...
That I desired to give them my all...
That I desired to answer their call...
But what to do? What to say? to mankind?
Where are those that love them to? can I find
Further witnesses with which to join
My frame of mind? is there some fair coin
By which we may purchase ease and comfort
For all of those that suffer injustice?
Or are we in our minds thinking of bliss
That comes in the next world beyond this one?
The one that comes when the day is done?

I hear in my heart, a whisper of God...
I smell in the air his presence; I laud
His name in silent admiration, give
Him praise with my thoughts. I know I can live
In this world of suffering pain...
And I'll say it again, the refrain!

I'll give myself to God,
I'll give myself to the poor.
I'll give myself, will nod
In obedience at the door...
I'll speak in silence to the press...
I'll give myself in words, confess
My deeds in silent refrains,
And the world may see the pains
Of the poor as my very own...
No matter what others say...
I'll work until the end of day.
I'll speak of Christ to those who seek
To find the everlasting peak.

What more can I say? What more can I do?
With many words I am still so very untrue.
I can speak and yell until I am blue...
For words are louder than actions...
Shouting out all manner of malefaction's.
Yet the simple act may in silence give
Another the chance that they may live...

             Psalmedy, (c) Luke Bennette, September 2012

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