Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Lovers Grace

He woke me with a smile,
Just a smile, so I say.
Come with me for a while,
Into the brightening day!
Too sleepy to comprehend
The meaning of His phrase
You in sleep did wend
About a hazy maze
That went to and fro
Between crocodiles with wings
And deserts on the go
With desert snakes, and things.

He reached out and touched
The tip of your shoulder;
With his hand on the clutch
Of a manual shift car
You saw him in your dreams.
So very very far was he
From you in sleepiness
That you said yes, I'll go;
But paid little attention
To what you said. It seems
That we wish for bed
To be a perpetual devotion;
Instead we have to wake...

He shakes you slightly,
Not too much, every lightly,
As a sunshine ray would
Sneak into the room;
And although you should
Recognize a ray of sun
Shine when it comes, swoon
With joy when it doth run
The length of the earth
To see you in the birth
Of a new dawning day,
Instead you do bay
Out in your sleep.
And he, suffering joy, doth weep.

O beauteous woman, my love,
He calls you by your form;
Such a tender call, as a dove
So early in the morning
Does call out, not in scorning!
Yet deeper into the dream
You fall, and in it you scream!
You call out for him who is near,
But is far away from you; for fear
Keeps hold of you in dreams
That never cease to hold on,
Do speak only of what seams
To say, that He sent you Anon!

Now concerned He speaks,
He calls out your name;
And suddenly you stop; weeks
May have gone by in a stream
Of steady thoughts that gleam
No real meaning, no refrain
That is discernible. Such pain
Is but the memory of a dream,
And opening your eyes at once
From having heard the ream
Of his voice in the echoing
Room you do now feel dense
To have forgotten to sing
Before going to sleep
Of love and beauty;
But rather did weep
To think he would not be
There to hold you in his arms.
Oft this is what causes alarms
To go off inside our heart,
Where they will never cease
Until we acknowledge on our part
That our fear is unfounded,
Our concerns are deceased,
So that from our nightmares
We may then be released...

His smile opens wide,
He has nothing to hide;
You are awake! Says he!
With apparent glee.

No more be the shadows in your heart,
Shaken, and battered, and bruised,
But not destroyed; for the better part
Has survived the fray of the night,
And now His eyes do pierce like a dart
Your soul. Like a falcon He swoops
In for a gentle kiss,
Of such sweet remiss,
Of heavenly bliss,
So that you can hardly miss,
The intentions, make no mind hoops
For you to jump through concerning
How very much for you his heart is burning.

So suddenly, just as the dawn becomes
A reality upon which we do fawn
When we take note of it having come
Without warning, without a drum,
We do take delight in each other's love;
So may we each take, in the heavenly dove,
Delight for each other,
May Juliet's Glove
Be removed from our eyes,
May the sun shine on we,
Illuminating what flies over bounding seas.

Our sight now roams from coast to coast,
Seeing, not seeking, for we ourselves toast
In each other's presence.
This sight, this touch; the fence
Does flee from in a moment's haste.
Nightmares are by daylights ray's replaced.

The Lover's Grace, (c) Luke Bennette, September 2012

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