Friday, August 31, 2012

The Open Door

Whatever image we have of woman,
One can be sure, it is better than the image of man.
True can be said, perhaps, in conclusion
When speaking ofa woman's view rather than
That of a man; and both do find it good
To see in the image of the other what would
Bring them to peace in God,
Would help to give him praise, to laud
Out a song, a hymn of praise.
Allow me now to restate, rephrase
If you will the things that I have said thus far.
That man and woman are of one knit,
But yearn for each other as from star to star.
Thus in each other they find sweet relief,
Whether in love of body, or in soul they meet,
Whatever circumstance, though it be brief,
Their God, in passing, as though on a street!
And by such sight, the heart, united to wit,
Becomes a voice, a wave of sound
That is yet unheard except in a gentle frown,
In a smile returned, the blush that's found
In a moments notice, that makes one look down.
Though stars do stand so far apart,
They long, the one for the other's stead;
And looking so far to the other's heart
Eternal separation is what they do dread.
Then why O stars are you silent?
Why do you only shine your light?
Why are you so very defiant
In hate of God, hold onto spite?
Speak with your light, lest the light you shine
Becomes you with a dark from which you will pine.
Thus do I look up when woman passes me by,
To see her smile, it is then that I know why
Regardless of union, bodily or not,
This love one feels, experience,
Is truly human, and that it ought,
To lead me back, as does a fence,
To the gateway of the Shepard door.
Be that sight for me, O woman, O Star,
I do beseech thee, I do implore;
Lest I should wonder from afar,
Further still from where you and God are.
So be thou still in good humor, when bleak times come around,
Lest there be in you a demur, that takes what cannot be found
In the daily passage of our experience,
Lean not away from God's beauteous fence,
Traverse with me all the way on your side,
Walk with me, lest I be filled with vain pride,
Stay with me awhile, do not leave.
You are for me, and I for you,
The means by which we may believe
That God loves us, is to us true.
So woman, I, Man, do in love pursue
A mystery that is found in your frame,
But holds, to my delight, love anew,
The mystery of Gods very name.
And though I love you but from my heart,
My soul with yours enjoined to God's,
I know that this is but the start
Of gleaning love. My heart applauds
To see you walking down the path,
And in our wake, the aftermath,
Come many others, who search us out,
And will in time find, as we, all about
The one eternal God in three,
Be my example, and I will be for thee,
What I do beg of you through God.
Who sends a smile to me through yours,
Gives through you a loving nod,
This is what we seek, we are open doors.

                        The Open Door, (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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