Friday, August 31, 2012

The Perky Tornado

Through the town their goes up a cry
By which men do swear, and women do sigh,
For up in the clouds, hidden just out of sight
Are the rays of the sun, covered over by thy might.
And suddenly their comes a single drop of rain,
That patters, and patters, then a cascading refrain,
Then the wind howls, and all the earth answers,
Like an avalanche of off pitch cantors!
Combining elements brings forth new terrors,
Greater and stronger than man made fetters;
And such a beast that's loose in the windy breeze
Now slams to the ground, it's not meant to tease!
Opening up it's ghastly mouth,
It sucks up the air from north and from south,
From east to west it carries itself,
Ruining more than the earth or our health,
It stampedes across the winding brook,
And makes passerby who do flee now look...
Now its strange to think, that this great fiend,
One of natures greatest beauties, by all is frowned
Upon because of the great brawl of energy
That she brings to the site, a fallen tree
She may toss to the sky,
And others that see her do sweat, some do sigh,
For she measures the measure, and breaks it down,
She breaks the standards in this crummy old town.
Such is the woman I do know by heart,
Who cascades around at the very start.
Who leaves not a trace of herself behind,
Who pays no attention to others, no mind,
Cares not that she is who she is, not at all,
Loves who she is, and loves others, all.
Who is this lady who resembles natures beast,
This creature of beauty that God has released,
With firm affection do I applaud her stance,
Though some may think ill of her advance.
I hope that her path bring her close to those
Who can learn from her experience; I close
With a word of prayer for her,
To God I pray, of which I am sure
That he has blessed her beauty, Has blessed her work,
This boundless sea of generosity.
And may he protect her from jealousy,
And inspire others through this gift, this perk.

                           The Perky Tornado, (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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