Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bending Lights

A beautiful smile, that's what I see,
But if I look bellow I spot a fee.
I see a flash, a white light ahead,
Does this mean to look upon you one is dead
Uncertain the head, uncertain the mind,
Yet sure is the heart, in your soul we find

The food we need to keep cheerful today;
Like a brilliant sunshine, a bright lit May.
Whatever sorrows, grief, or pains you may hide,
In the source of your beauty, love, you abide.
Though age do creep upon you,
As a small shoot, a child that grew,
No hate filled glance may blemish you,
For in your love you remain true.
And though you are gone from me,
And all others who once knew you well,
Never forgotten, forever will you be
Remembered upon the flash, that well
Of light that consumes our image,
That consummates our likeness with the passing time;
May such a likeness be remembered as sage,
Long after the end of this rhyme.

Thus when I do see a bright light ahead,
And I know that I do approach my homestead,
I'll hope to see thee once again my friend,
That thy magic work, the light that bends,
May wash upon me, preserve my likeness for a while,
That others may remember me as I was,
That I was friends with a beautiful smile,
And for no other reason than, because...

Bending Lights, (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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