Saturday, August 11, 2012

In Sight I Heard what in Song I Saw

Without the slightest, faintest, clue of sight,
That is to say I cannot see what I
Might if I had eyes to see with, I slight
Away all prejudice with but a sigh,
And so I hear in your voice that draws nigh
A gentle soul I could not so espy
Were I to see it in the bright light of
Day; for I, a man, am blind in the heart
When I say that I see your Christ like Love,
When I say that I know what you impart.
And in the darkness you appear as bright,
A keen lit blade of some fairy sprite bid
To shatter the thought that is made from sight;
And sound out from the depths, where there is hid
A wave of melodies, a vastness sweet,
A single note wherein I may meet my
God in my neighbor, my Lord in the street,
As I met in you; and you were so sly
To take on humility by which you
May die to self. Yet understand by this
Metaphor, do not mistake it's meaning.
For you sound out your sight by such a bliss
As the voice which you do employ, and sing
In sight and sound of you a woman true.
Thus by the contradiction, the closing
Of mine eyelids, did I see you at last;
A light shining in the darkness, a being
Vast as the empty space wherein I am cast. 
And upon the shutting of mine ears heard
I a melody in your looks that has stirred
The depths of my being with a song of
Praise, the everlasting word from above.

                In Sight I Heard what In Song I Saw (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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