Thursday, August 30, 2012

Comfort Zone

What is the mirror that it should reflect?
Hidden errors it cannot detect.
My frame, my body, it clearly defines,
But cannot see past those clearest cut lines.
What is a turn that allows me to see
Another side, potentiality?
Have I discovered what I sought to know?
Or does the turn obscure what once did show?
I turn my back on what I see in me,
I turn my back, and I look onto thee.
And though, like a mirror, I cannot find
Within you the answer I had in mind
Still there is a greater joy to put out
From my own self, to cast off, cast about
In an unknown sea, a turbulent wind;
Perhaps in you I will find in the end
The key to my questions, the answers three
To the problems I've found eternally
Probing my mind, and through it my heart's core,
My soul throbs to see thee, is longing for
The mystery you posses. Yet you go,
Disappear, like an evening star, do show
Yourself to me as if to tease me out,
Then vanish without a trace; and I pout
To have been led astray by your fleeting
Presence so dear. Now I do speak, I sing
Upon the high waves so far out upon
The ocean blue where I was by you so drawn;
In silence the wind responds to my call,
In silence the sea makes my ship it's thrall,
In silence I falter, my body breaks
Upon the mast, as the ship in high stakes
Crashes through the rocky ground. Gone adrift
Has my ship, with no chance that the sea lift
It from it's peril, its doom; sealing my own gloom.
Silence surrounds me as I crawl the deck,
As the ship sinks down, a pittance, a speck
In the vastness of the ocean, silence.
My one hope is the rock, my recompense
For my journey, a safe place to rest my
Head before I go on, before I do die.
Silence as I scramble the rail of wood,
Silence as I land on the rock, and blood
Does pour from my side with no end in sight,
Silence do I now see, there is no light.
Silence becomes my feelings more than touch,
But I long for the warmth of the world much
More than I ought to; for there is a world
Which your sight was the brilliant herald,
And does call out to me from beyond me,
In the depths I do fall, from my rock flee.
Silence now becomes my dread sight as well,
And suddenly silence becomes a hell.
For in my mind a scratching is heard, fierce
As the kind that is heard by rolling hearse,
The kind that creaks, and screams your name out loud;
Such silence has turned my sight all around!
Sinking into the blue, no more light seen
From the silver moon as it might have been
Had I been on land, by my mirror's side,
Silence becomes my taste; arrogant pride
Fumes forth from my body, possesses heart
To cry out in such anger that waves part
To see the vile sound spewing from my mouth;
And even as I return from the depth,
Regain the surface, breathe deep of the air,
Silence becomes my nostrils. In despair
I cry out, in silence my cry unheard
Shakes the sky now grown peaceful, like a sword
That rents in half a grown man is my voice,
Though silence becomes me, I still have choice.
But then you appear, you reach out your hand,
From the rock where I fell you now do stand,
And I who have fallen short of the task,
What should I choose? Well, need you even ask?

                    Comfort Zone, (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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