Friday, August 17, 2012

Gaze Upon Me

You gaze upon that which cowers before your gaze,
and cower before that which holds his own in yours. 
In such a gaze you long to loose yourself, upon the isles of God, mysterious shores.
Such fantasy we all seek, succumb we each to the craze.
Yet treasures are hard to find when you hold on to illusions of what they should be.
Sift through the appearance and your treasure you will see...
Be still the heart, for it cannot see,
Be quiet the mind, for it cannot hear,
See with your heart, and hear with your mind, you will know your true love is near.
You'd never know its what you wanted because you aren't searching for it there;
and so you'll look right through the treasure, as if it were thin air.
So in the gaze you beg the question, what do you want from me?
Begging him to answer, that he will set you free.
Yet he will not see you, until you see yourself.
And when in time that comes, you are true, then comes a time of wealth.
And with that wealth untold,
that cavernous treasure hold,
you'll find yourself now bold,
your heart will not grow cold.
But who can see the heart? Hid behind those seven bars?
Who can check the art, the radiance of stars?
Indeed none can, yet it disappears all the same.
For they wield a shield of distrust, and use it as a frame.
This frame they hold before their eyes, that they may never see,
just how much they mean to the world, how much they color the sea.
Thus he who cleaves the shield of lies and hates deceit,
Made from poisons of the mouth, and carried out in feat,
He who brushes past those eyes of iron clad,
Who makes you see yourself, for he see's that you are sad,
He who triumphs over your gaze of fire, your wrath,
Who stands even still in the shades of the aftermath,
He shall woe your heart, and you shall answer well,
But would that you could let go your shield,
And be by God self healed,
Rather than wait for him, and risk loosing love for hell.
So dry your tears, and listen; act, and be revealed,
Allow your light to shine, let Christ in you be sealed.

And if, having done this, your heart is ill content,
Then pray that God find out where your man went.
He'll turn him round, upside down, frustrate his designs,
Until he, before you stands, his true love in you finds.
So come away my daffodil,
no more with this foul gaze,
Smile, laugh, and love God still,
let go of this foul haze.
For he who seeks for God himself
shall break the bonds that hold him,
Or she who seeks in God her wealth,
her cup flows to the brim,
And pouring out, it is like a shout, a man comes running from sin,
To be converted by God's call, the heart of his fair maiden to win.

The light is clearly there,
Though we cannot see it's ray,
Unlike the devils snare,
That blocks the light of day,
This beam of light becomes us,
Reveals us as we are,
Like an oncoming bus,
Or a man that's run from far.
But tempting God we sit down,
We wait behind our shield,
When truth be told, this town,
Is waiting by God to be healed.
His gaze is strong, his eyes piercing,
Perhaps that's why we run?
In sin have we neglected thee? Sing,
Often, and do not our God shun.

The gaze is built upon the past,
The past upon our thoughts,
The thoughts upon our yearnings,
And the yearnings from what we wrought.
Then build upon a firm made ground,
Your yearnings will turn solid, and true.
Your thoughts will be with God, sound,
And fast coming will be what God has for you.
For in that gaze you will not be abashed,
And so in neighbor will not be ashamed;
Many tire of looking, they do not last,
For in neighbor they have God profaned.

False expectations become a muddy stream,
A muddy stream without a rain,
Becomes a nightmare, not a dream.
And would that I had more stamina,
To speak the rest of this tale,
But I think you've got the gist of it,
To carry on; do not fail.
Use this catalyst for growth,
Now gaze upon yourself.
Look inside, and see what's wrong,
Let go of it, that you may acquire wealth.

Man and woman, yes, was how it was meant to be,
But each though each other better, from each other free.

Now answer this riddle,
With the sound of a fiddle,
The sound of my voice,
With the tone of your choice,
But know that I love you,
Know, I desire to be true,
Know I am the mouth of God,
In love of neighbor, I do him laud.
And so I gaze in sorrow,
Upon the woes of they,
Who know their sorrows to be great,
But will not seek to pray...

Now I'm done, done for now,
I quit my place upon the bow,
I stand back for you to see,
What marvels God has in thee.
Gaze upon them, and see them new,
Gaze upon him, give him his due.

                             Gaze Upon Me, (c) Luke Bennette, August 2012

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