Sunday, August 19, 2012

Planting Light

Before the dawn began to shine at noon
It shone at nine, did remove that gray gloom
That loomed over our fair city of gray,
And turned what once was cold into Spring May.
Well, as the day does rise and turn the tide
From darkness into brightness, far and wide,
So too does a word of encouragement
From before the time of maturity
Aid in the creation, as it is meant
To do in the event that it takes root;
And from such words comes forth a new green shoot
That takes in the sun, the brightened rays now
Shining down upon the gloomy old town.
And such a shoot is but a surety
That what shined before has had an effect,
And has helped to make what was imperfect
Into a new creation of God's own;
So too have your words for me now been shown,
Have lighted up the way that I now own,
Have helped to plant the seed from which I've grown...

           Planting Light, (c) Luke Bennette

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