Monday, March 18, 2013

Alls too late...

Miserable wretch are you. Can't you see
That what you have always wanted to do
Lies outside of your boundaries not in?
Can it be possible you cannot be
What you desire, that you cannot win
Through courage and fire what you seek?
But you say you have tried and tried  again
To overcome the obstacles; yet when
Struck down you get up again. That is good.
Start with that, if only to get some sure
Optimism within your system. Would
That everyone could recognize their straights
Through the eyes of optimism's sure gates;
For they lead one up, not down! No cynic
Holds a smile, they all wear a frown. Still wick
Burning bright, that is a candle that burns
Without thought for tomorrow, it turns
Not its head backwards to see what's behind
Since it holds to the task it has in mind.
And that task is what you have lost, my friend.
You stew in misery without an end
So long as you fail to set abroad your
Mind! It is riddled with self loathing, more
Than self loathing since life seems a hard chore
Made up by boogie men and fantasies
Born of the mind's imagery dwelling
Far to long upon what should or ought to
Be the case; such thoughts must, needs, go! What more
Can you ask yourself than what you can do?
What play act are you selling yourself, sing
To your mind when no one else is around,
And then allow to torment you when they
Do swarm about you like moths to the flame?
Can you give such misery a fair name
By which to rid yourself from its taunting
Game? Thus you know what you must do. So bring
Yourself to do it before alls too late!
Face your fear, lest it determine your fate.

                        Alls too late...(c) Luke Bennette, March 2013

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