Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well Thought Advice

From the porch the white haired priest looks out upon
A sight to behold taking place on his lawn.
Toddlers yelling and screaming ha ha! 
Lovers sighing and singing la la. 
Shoes that are tapping away in the night. 
The sound of men preparing to fight! 
Schoolboys are running, their shoes in the mud;
One falls headlong, then the sound of a thud!
Laughing ensues, the two boys do fight;
Their brothers in arms scream them on in delight!
Girls in their dresses walk around in disgust,
Disgustedly looking at the boys in the must.
A spark of annoyance in each of their eyes;
The boys and the girls do each other despise.  
Elderly women fussing and gawking. 
Many young men boast though still walking. 
The ladies do laugh as they watch them go by; 
They snicker and squeak when they do draw nigh. 
Old timers smoking their pipes in the shade. 
They smirk and the joke at the youthful brigade. 
Man breaks from the group to speak to the maid.
Her blush earns for him from the men a "well played".
The priest looks again; the scene changes hue,
No longer does sunlight reflect in the dew,
No more does the afternoon sun in full
Take out its fury, exacting it's toll. 
Sunlight that streams over hill and vale, 
By which we may see all that's said in this tale, 
Now lowers his head in a yawn neath the clouds. 
No more can be seen but the lights in the town. 
And under those lights dance the night away 
Old women and men; young boys at play, 
Imitating with pride their great hero's 
While the ladies and gents in sighs and O's 
Did take it in turns to approach their crush; 
In the dark were made many a blush.
And from his porch the priest chuckles and laughs,
For he knows all to well life's well worn paths.
He stands and he enters his house with a smile,
He goes to rest, prepares for the isle
Down which he must process in the morning 
Which will be overflowing, outpouring
With many a dreary eyes and faces;
Each reminiscing on the nights fare paces.
Will he reprimand they who did enjoy
The nightly revels which they did employ?
No, not he, but he'll remind them of this;
A saying that's important if one seeks bliss. 
Life at its best requires some work 
Lest merriment be a sour earned perk. 
And all of us toddlers, lovers, and old timers too, 
Will learn, are learning, and remember true 
Love that's made visible by a chance
That happened one night by circumstance. 
Let us seek ardently and strive patiently and maintain perfectly that which is most worth while. 
Let us seek communion with friends, brother, sister, father, mother, and infantile.
Obtaining balance and communion with God
We'll soldier through life's problems and onward plod! 

                              Well Thought Advice (c) Luke Bennette, March 2013

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