Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Deacon's Gate

Gentlemen both, I bid thee adieu,
Your life begins, once more, anew.
Both past and future do now await
As you journey towards the Deacons gate.
A laying on of hands, a change of heart?
No, but a change nonetheless, in part.
A change that will bring much grace,
But the heart it cannot, will not, replace.
And so my advice? Well, none so to speak;
For you both do outrank this most weak
Minded fool, I who do address
You both must admit, must confess,
That I cannot fathom at this time
The meaning of the Deacons serving rhyme
Made permanent by steadfast vow
Carried out in time (in the now).
Yet still I hope and pray you'll do well
(Which you shall, as far as I can tell).
And when you get there, through the gate,
Say a prayer for me? Lest my fate
Be other than what God has planned for me?
Pray that God send wise servants such as thee
To guide and Shepard we laity
Who do walk in darkness, are unfree
Not because we forget to look
At Christ our King but because we forsook
Our own talents and dwelt insecure
Within the caverns of our mind most unsure.
So pray that we have the grace to go outside
Our hiding place, and to walk by your side
In serving and giving to those in need.
In this way we may our own selves feed
By forgetting for a while our sorrows,
Our self pity; for such acts make tomorrows
A day worth looking forward to.
So pray for me, and I'll pray for you
That we remain in constancy of faith
In God; lest ourselves become a sad wraith.
Gentlemen once more, I bit thee adieu!
As Deacon's remain in God, remain true.

                       The Deacon's Gate, (c) Luke Bennette, March 2013   

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