Monday, March 25, 2013

Kernel of Truth

The blur and whir of thoughts and wishes
Makes for man a variety of dishes.
Most are seemingly enjoyable,
But some can be downright deplorable,
While others taste divine and comely,
Still some thoughts can ring quite unsoundly;
For many a thought, and each has effect
In varied ways, each paying respect
To the core or center within it's shell
Of mystery and wonder. Such a bell
Doth sound when the hammer strikes metal,
And the dishes of thought can be fatal
If ill prepared by the chef of one man's
Imagination, can shred desire, bans
All reason and faith for ideologues
That speak to our hearts, but in the real slogs
On because it cannot measure out life
In the way that life truly is; for strife
Cannot be overcome by an idea,
But must be made to run and to flee! A
Treacherous imagination must be
Harnessed by man's discipline, and a sea
Must be prevented from overwhelming
Land by a hand greater than it's song. Bring
Me thoughts of varied kind so to eat,
But let the kernel of truth be a meat
That is well marinated by such faith
And reason as befits such recipe!
Lest I spew out your thought as a mere fee
For gaining my attention for a time
While you daze and confuse with painted rhyme.
Thus will your truth be real, and not a wraith. 

                            Kernel of Truth, (c) Luke Bennette, March 2013

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