Saturday, March 16, 2013


Key to my heart, reveal yourself.
Show to be the contents, my wealth.
Exit from me whatever does not
Exist as that which my life has bought.
Be to me, you who exist nearby,
More than a thought, more than a sigh.
Walk, talk, breathe, lest I forget
You are more in life than merely a fret.
Open heart, be for me dear soul.
Converse with me, be with me whole.
Convert through conversation with me
In order that you may truly be
What you are, to me, the key
By which I may understand my life,
Reveal to me myself, cut through life's strife!

Time tells the story, alone I may be.
Through actions made, voluntary.
I cut myself off, strove, am striving
For what is; and what life may bring
I ignored, searching for a dream.
Never did what is and what I thought
Together meet, as they should, as they ought.
The key I misconstrued as love,
Love understood to be made up of
That which is violent and perverse;
But love I had not, not a jot in my purse.

One day I listened, how I do not know;
Such happenstance! It just goes to show
That we are not the key to ourselves.
We are but existing, and our heart wells
Over anxiously as we search our mind
For what reality shows, what we find.
But I had not listened for so long a time,
That this sudden light, barley did rhyme.
So foreign to me was the thought, as day
Is from night; for I had kept at bay
Through violence and strife perverse
What was truly good, clung to a curse. 
And so this thought, this sound did sound
Within my heart unlimited, unbound.
Not kept in check by a thing at all;
For limits are for like things, and fall
By the wayside when something new inside
Presents by itself, as itself, as allied
To my heart's true desire and its bent,
Presents itself to be heaven sent.

Heartfelt desire met graciously
Within, as a fire, what I did then see.
Dream did hold hands with reality
And what I heard I heard as the key
To who and what I am meant to be.
I saw and heard what is, eternally
Begotten; for in it I found eternity.

Yet this all was relayed to me in a way
Most strange, and odd, if I may say.
For we oft do think of God
When through life we do plod.
But how he reveals himself is not ours
To understand, our nature bars
Us from having access to his being;
As happenstance reveals, as we've seen.
How then he reveals is up to him,
And he chose to light my heart most dim
Through another heart, through his mother;
How else could we have met each other?

For he I had ignored for so long,
Though he was a capable man most strong
Incarnate, divine, not a jot of wrong
Was in him to show, not one jot!
And though it was I that he sought,
I ignored him, in ignorance walked;
In self knowledge I the truth balked.

But woman made his voice so clear
That I could not ignore her drawing near.
Through her I saw his presence at last;
For I saw in her reflected his wrath
Stayed only by her kind loving part
Employed for me. How great thou art
Lord Jesus Christ, for having done
For me what you did, for having won
My heart over and over again
Through your own mother. When
I did forget you and left your way
In order to walk my own path, I did stay
My salvation by stupidity,
Did forgo my wealth, what a costly fee!
Redeemed by receptive maternity
By which you were able to set me free.

So converse with me dear friend,
Convert with me, be at an end
Strife and violence perverse;
For that way leads straight to the hearse.
Exist, not as a mere wraith, a ghost;
For to live for yourself will at most
Attain you a swift and sure death
By which you will give your last breath.
Be for me the key to my heart.
Reciprocate my love, and so start
Again in love most mature
By which you may see a clear mirror's
Image reflected back at you
In which you shall see love's image true.

In one another we find the key to life
Through conversion to peace, out of strife.
And what is strife but a lonely walk 
Through eternity, with no one to talk.
But life is a union, is a unity
Of what is, of what I hope and dream
As the font of all life, as a steady stream. 

                   Keystone, (c) Luke Bennette, March 2013

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