Monday, March 11, 2013

The Presence of a Friend

In bygone times we were a team,
We few, we happy few did dream
Up many a creative rhyme
Made fit to film. Now step in time
With me and go backwards to see
What you have done for us, for we
Who did aspire to become such
Persistent artists. You did touch
Us at the heart with your spirit;
Though none of this did we merit.
You imitated God as is your nature,
A parent to we youth yet immature
In knowledge of life's many ways
And taught us to love to the end of days
That which we call the Art of life;
For Art overcomes all pain and all strife.
When we in chaos, in darkness heard
The sound of a voice, a confident word,
We took hope at escaping the mist;
For in your word we caught a mere gist
Of what was behind your voice and form:
We caught sight of God even through the storm.
While many another has tried to teach
What we did in you find, they did breach
Our minds not at all; for the lacked
What was given by you in your voice:
The invitation behind the choice.
An invitation to life and love
Through hard work, through toil we strove
To match what we saw in you, our friend.
(For you taught not knowledge, but an end
You did outline with your knowledge true.
You loved us first, while others a shrew
Did resemble in matter and mind;
As many a man and woman may find,
What is taught cannot be understood
Without a connection between those who would
Learn and the one who would them teach.)
What I am saying is this,
You made our learning life bliss,
And overcame our sad state
With a gentle hand, not hate. 
Now, while many a thing may be said
I'll end here! Else never to my bed
Shall I go for lacking time to say
How much I, We Few, do so love You;
So pray that our love remains always true. 

              The Presence of a Friend, (c) Luke Bennette, March 2013

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  1. This is a very beautiful poem that I greatly enjoyed, Luke. :)
    I loved the Art imagery. :)