Monday, July 30, 2012

Change of Color

I sit in silence upon the marble floor.
I wait, such defiance striding up the shore
Of my mind, a marker in the white sand,
A rare find, one that I do not understand.
So I sit and stare out at the great sea,
I sit and stare, and I contemplate thee.
But sitting here on my marble perch,
Fidgeting, restless, as one in a search,
I find inside a flame burning brightly,
The kind that, if one discerns rightly,
May overcome all fears, doubts, and worry;
So has your call become somewhat blurry
To my sight, my mind plays tricks and I flee
From marble stone floors, walls that are very
Constricting of the inner flame that I've known,
I've run away, and to the world am now shone.
And as I walk through the sand that I saw
In my minds eye, I wonder what great law
Kept me from the joys of God's blessed gift;
For in the distance I saw you, the rift
In my soul was healed on the very spot,
And I have never once questioned what I got.
Now the flame is bright, and burns brighter still;
Color becomes the white canvas, does fill
It with life and love, and glory untold,
Does make me glad that I was made bold!
And life besides this pleasant gift of art;
Husband, son, daughter; treasures thou all art...
I still hear the sound of the waves in me
From my house upon the green prairie,
But now it fills me up with your delight;
For I see you now, in them you are my light.

Change of Color, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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