Saturday, July 14, 2012

Truth Wears Disguises

Nay good friend you are right to think it well
For men to scoff these fools who do tinker
With words, as the tender of ale is to
Throw from his keep those who break bread with hell;
For such men do exist, I do you assure.
But tis another thing to ignore true
Wisdom when it comes to you from such mouths,
Although the mouths may be ridden with fumes
Akin to the entrails of a blackbeak:
Tis all good policy to scorn a troth
When tis spoke from an ill dissenting plume
Of feathers and stained leather; yet such reek
Is quite different from the ripened scent of
Beauty spoken from a mound of drivel,
And it cannot be ignored without such
Care as one gives when treading into love.
Have you never thought of the great sea shells,
How they came to be empty of their much
Needed companions? I should think not, no.
After all, you are the man of respect,
Cannot be bothered by a simpleton,
Especially when they are breathing mass
Quantities of putrefied air from woe
Laden throats, those who coat the beggar's deck
With jealousy, and give the nose such gas
As would put under any decent doe.
There is a saying you see, the true state
Of man, whether hidden under rags, can
Not be undone by layers of rags; fate
As it were plays it's own cards, and the fan
Of spirits bleak blows over the world's vast
Canopy. Such desirous cat calls
Cannot be the end of man's speech, as we
Do know; for man is capable of more
Than the shriveled arms he displays, the tall
Countenance he parades, the bounding sea
Of his eyesight, and the varied hues worn
By damsels cannot account for their pluck
In the darkest hour of the night. Thus man
Is not to be seen merely by the light,
Nor by the dark for that matter, that he
Does see by; for the illumination
Comes from a multitude of intellects,
And the dilemma by which man is torn
Shows his face to be one that will not suck
The life of a man who carries a van
Of knowledge deadly to his heart. The fright
Then that you have of these unsavory
Blokes is all well and good; but tis one
Fear that, if you take my meaning, respects
Not the complexity of life, but takes
On a rather shrewd line of thinking, so
That the man you hear babbling nonsense
Truly seems to be speaking nonsense. Fakes
Your mind so easily because you show
No interest in his statement, only fence
With his appearance; his unworthiness
Causes your soul much more than distress, for
His words pierced your heart with a callousness    
Unknown to you in your adult life. Sore
At my touch dear friend? Don't like my new talk?
Very well. Then let us home; shall we walk?

                          Truth Wears Disguises, (c) Luke Bennette

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