Friday, July 6, 2012

On Your Way

You wait,
I pace,
And you know that time will tell,
            Will show me what needs to be.
But I don't understand why damned hell
           Why it, wont just let me be!
It seems no good is left unpaid
The devil's hell bent, yet still he's staid,
But I've got nightmares that keep me up
Why do I feel like some frightened pup!

Cause I'm shaken, to the bone,
And I'm quaking, all alone.
Time seems to have run away
I'm left here all alone to pay.
Love won't come for me again,
I'm stuck inside this rotten fen.
I wait for simple clarity,
A distant boat in a stormy sea,
But soon I feel I"ll fade away
With time's old bell; O, I can't say!
                             No, I can't say.
                             I'm on my way. 

Listen up,
          Cut up heart,
I Listen,
         Then you start.
You tell me life is full of pain,
           You see through my heart of fear.
I yell back that I've got no name,
         I go slack when you are near.
Yet all my faculties remain
And in this life I go insane,
Without your presence I am mad
But still I think of what I could have had.

So I'm shaken, in distress,
And I'm quaking, self duress.
Time seems to have done away with me,
I'm left to ponder your Vacant See!
Love won't ever be the same,
Stuck in time I call out your name.
I wait to see the fruits of God
So distant now, I feel like a sod.
But soon I feel I"ll fade away,
Within this world; O, I can't pray,
                          No, I can't pray.
                          I hate my way.

Now I speak,
         Weak is man,
You do nod,
           God's own plan,
They listen to me like I listen to you,
        Glistening in the sun.
I start to loose hope, O God! are you true?
         Who is God the Son?
Cause your spirit in me,
Seems a bit of key,
And I can't help but think,
My life's on the brink.
They picked up knives, they throw them stones,
And nowadays they speak in baritones;
That guns still pointed right at me,
Will you deflect it from your Holy See?

How long now must I wait?
To see you at that pearly gate?
How far from home must I run now?
Will my spine still know how to bow?
When I've grown old can I retire?
Or will I still be filled with fire?
Why can't you pick some other guy!
I wish you'd quit on me, O why!?

Cause I'm shaking all mankind,
They are quaking, may I remind;
Time seems to have come on back,
I'm left in motion where's the slack?
Love no longer seems a chore,
Stuck in your presence, I want more!
I wait now for your Holy call,
So distant from this worldly ball,
And soon I feel I'll fade away,
And I'll be gone; O, I can't stay!
                         No, I can't stay.
                         That ain't your way.

         Ought you to say?
In Pace now,
         How far away...
Time has told your story anew,
                Old as history
I finally understand what I knew,
                You hand O God I can see!
And everything that I thought I would rue
It turned upside down, it turned into glue,
My fears all gone, all gone in a flash!
Lets hope angels can fly and that they don't crash!

Cause I'm shaking with delight,
And I'm quaking, still in flight.
Time seems to have stopped on me,
Left in slow motion, I am free!
Love wont ever leave again,
I'm stuck inside, yeah! stuck in heaven!
I wait and pray for all mankind,
So distant though is pain from my mind,
And soon I feel it all fade away,
My mind is clear; O, I'm hear to stay,
                           Ya, here to stay.
                           Have it your way!

Have it your Way, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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