Thursday, July 26, 2012

His Inner Spark

Not much to go upon have I while you
Do hide your face behind the rye of new
Ideas, behind the face of many strange
Words that have the ring of old; you derange
Me by playing hide and seek, go where man
Has been, or where he currently is. But
Were you to speak upon the floor, where what
Moves man may play to the beat of a drum
Or the strum of a string, there you become
A frenzied fellow; the arms of woman
Entwined with yours in a dance so that two
Become one in a vigorous prance. Few
Are they who have seen underneath the mask
Of your actions, yet such work is the task.

For what I see and hear of you is gold,
Gold that shines and glitters in the warm sun
For all to see. Yet inside the mind lies
A trove far greater than what you are on
The surface, the sum of what you could be.
Have you no ambitions of any sort?
Or do you find the summer to be sport
Enough for you, engage in it's playful
Breeze so that you may enjoy a good romp
Amongst the tree's? While in summer you stomp
For the naked eye to see, the inner
Soul yearns, and longs still to be free. From what
Trials and tribulations I know not; but
From what I have discerned they are few that
Trouble you, for none know where you are at.

Perhaps the summer sun that glistens here
Upon the surface reaches down into
Your soul and fills the mind with ease. A queer
Thought for one so young, and yet perhaps true
Contentedness has eluded me, so
Far away in the land of summer day's
That I who sit here in the winter can
Only see the illusion of happy
Men; with lasses on their arms. in a dance.
Men do smile more heartily than not, give
Themselves over to what they have got live
Not only for but in the moment wrought.
What source of power is his gift to find
So much peace in the heart, soul? What's his mind?

Hazard a guess if you will, yet no such
Pain or suffering as they who do risk
All their wealth on a gamble will now touch
You if your hazardous guess goes wrong. Whisk
Your troubles away as though a stray fly
Did slyly enter your sight; such is your
Willingness to pardon all man's offense.
So that as they all pass you by and by
You may give to them your all on the fly
Without any hint of a false pretense,
Without giving him a suspicious fence
To place between you both for your crime.
Such is your grace, you do turn on a dime.
Yet the source of all this does not depart,
Remember, He is greater than thou art.

                   His Inner Spark, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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