Friday, July 27, 2012

O, Anathan!

Within the confines of this place
We who have never seen your face,
We who never saw you, but heard,
We who always took in the word,
From those who still remained in time,
Who spoke to us about the line,
A line unbroken, Anathan,
From which you came, and with are one.
Legends made within the confines,
The confines of this little stage,
By these we've taken to the mines,
Of our skills, honed them, as a page.
By example have we been taught,
In Anathan, were we all wrought.
Such imagery was our first taste,
The image of our hero's gone,
And that taste lingers, while effaced
Are our fears, they've all fled, anon!
So all that's been rings out to me,
And all that I am comes from thee,
For through thy example was made,
A lively group, their growth unstaid.
And by their skill was I then trained,
And my own fears were then restrained.
Now I have taught those who have come,
Thus see what they have now become.
O Anathan we thank you now,
We thank the one who steered your bow.
Yet by your leave we'll learn some more,
And come at last to God's own shore.
Theater be, for me, a book,
Within which is found a new look,
Into the depths, eternity,
That endless, sea, that mystery.
And now I praise those who have done
The impossible, the race they've won.
We lift our glasses high to thee,
We thank you for that recipe,
By which we have all profited,
Your example, which we do tread.

                        O Anathan, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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