Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Next In Line

Who is this that travels too and fro? I'd
Like to know what she does and what she says.
The reason? Just to show that I care, hide
No cards up my sleeves and you'll find my plays
To be nothing more than human concern
For another human being. I yearn
But to know the name of this person, this
Roaming pilgrim that wanders the earth, for
Tis intriguing to me to see the bliss
Of falling stars that do surround her. More
I cannot say, except that she surprises
Me with her understanding of guises,
And that her eyes do pick out such talent,
And held mine with understanding she lent

To my own person; and all who saw her,
Those littered cans and dusty trophy's, were 
As a bright lit stage when she did come by,
Did reflect the same rays she did espy!
Yet if you do not believe my intents
To be pure, to be at all heaven sent,
And do continue to deliberate
As to whether to call security
And have me thrown out, consider your state;
For how did you come to know her name? Be
You free of the pull that pulls on her? Can
You judge me to be mischievous when
You yourself have become, by her, a man
Of success, turned from the ways of children

Into a source by which others may learn
Of the knowledge she did to you intern?
Then finding no fault within my desire,
Will you not acquit me of this interest,
Satisfy this intrigue, this burning fire,
Before it bursts from my impatient breast?
But forgive my behavior, for you see
It is most clear to me by your express
Silence that your loyalty to her be
As strong as her loyalty to God. Yes.
Is it not strange to see the reaction,
The chain of events that plays out through time?
God gives to men such great satisfaction,
And men in turn give their children a rhyme.

                     Next In Line, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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