Monday, July 16, 2012

Created for Thirst

Create for me by this lovely fee
A creature of delicate being, But
See to it, that it has great wit, is free
To speak it's mind, is brazen, yet kind. What
Can you say against talent? To sing, dance,
And perform, this assent to place in her.
Then from the light of moon take fright, advance
Her beauty with perilous rays, be sure
That by day her sight makes one daze; for such
A creature as this requires a bliss
That calls out to man for a single touch,
Lest he, as heaven, this fair creature miss.
Now place, at last, in this beauteous cast
A mast of wisdom to see the world vast. 

By this may she see me, and long for me,
For her God, who created her. At sea
May she be at peace, in heart, mind, and soul;
O please be free, relinquish all control!
For I do desire, with a burning
Fire, all that I have made. I am yearning,
I thirst, my heart fit to burst, happiness
For her I desire. And so I give choice
To her, and a voice by which I do bless
Her folly with bliss; by silence my voice
Shall be to her a kiss, and shall renew
Her in body, mind, and soul, what men do
Not in their wildest dreams think to give her.
Now, create this beauteous, overture! 

                    Created for Thirst, (c) Luke Bennette, July 2012

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