Friday, June 15, 2012

Be You Resolved

Know thyself, that's what he said to me when
He walked out the door, all armed to the teeth
And packing as if the devil himself
Were his target! But what of I? left here
In the dirt, to play upon old maid strings
In front of hearth stones and roaring hot fire?
Know thyself may very well be to know
The sound a kettle makes when it's angry
At the pressure underneath it's tin hide!
Can't a father see his daughter's desire
To be free of the constraints that bind her
Up in so many pretty white dresses,
In frivolous tales of fairy princess,
Damsel saved by a heroic prince that
Then takes liberties when he should not do
So? To know myself is a grieving deed,
A matter for funerals; not myself
To be buried, but my mother, sisters,
Great Aunt who wanted me to wear her gold
Tiara on my frizzled head down the
Isle on a Sunday morning, instead
Of riding pell mell on a horse to fight
The devil that's got the best of me dad!
He knows very well I know myself, yet
Cautions me to know myself as they do
Seek to see me married, wed as a bride,
Sent off where I'll not taste bravery. Hide
You all in cabinets and broom cupboards
If you will, but I know myself to well
To high the day away in a castle
Keep, where no thought of adventure may reach
My "untainted" ears! I'll take my own bow,
And rush to his side like a lancer's squire
That takes no thought of his own safety, but
Longs only for the hope her darling Dad
Will come home to teach her more. Such a score
Have I, a promise to keep with myself;
For I know myself well enough to know
That any man who threatens him who gave
Me strength to wield a blade is a damn foe! 

                        Be You Resolved, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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