Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slang Dong

Like song you are, bitter flame in the dark,
A fire to the world you are, golden spark!
Like dance am I among the stars at dawn,
I try to lead the way, lead people on.
You try to leave a path, a sound-wave stair,
By which some pilgrim traveler may fare. 

But what I found out is that they don't run
To see the things I had thought to have done,
You try to show them light, bright fireworks,
But they didn't see the light, are they jerks?
And all they wanted in the sign that we gave
Was the means that they took, that led to the grave.

We tried to elevate them with our souls,
Tried to make running mares out of them foals;
And would have succeeded if it weren't true,
That man's can't see straight, see through me and you.
Cause what's behind us is what matters most,
The Father, Son, and the bright Holy Ghost!

It's not so much we don't appreciate
The attention given us, we don't hate,
Rather it's because we care, for your sake,
We want you to give and receive, no take!
It's because you can't see straight through our skins,
We're flesh and bone, head to toe, just has beens!

If you can't see the ones we represent,
Maybe we've done wrong, and need to repent;
Cause like a mirror's got no shine on it,
All covered in dust, and fabulous wit,
Such is the case with us, our hides made,
From dust we've come, and you know we've been staid.

Cause fabulous wealth seems to shine on you,
Million dollar quarters lining your shoe!
The light comes running, comes running away,
And all that's left is artificial ray.
Now look at me in all of this drag wear,
I've got the moves, they've become a snag snare,
Cause while I was dancing the dawn in May,
The dusk came on, and with me ran away.

Now the dark don't shine bright without your flame,
And the night don't seem right, it seems so tame.
Likewise the dawn seems to have lost it's beat,
Without the moves of the dance, still defeat!
And you and I have now folded from strain,
To gold we bow, the money in the rain!

We didn't trust in the message we thought
Was the most important message done wrought,
We folded the page, and never returned,
Now we both feel astray, take it in turns
To ask the question, why did we fall down?
What happened to us? Our smiles are now frowns.
And everywhere people look at us like
We've accomplished something in this cold world;
But we see the rut we dug, strong dike,
Into which we'll be thrown, the throng hurled.

Like water you are, have you now become,
Stricken with harsh waves, and stricken so dumb.
You used to have a voice all your own, man!
What happened to you? can't you understand?
The flame is your voice now, perversely used,
Not by others silent, but self abused.
No more transparent to the light behind,
No more hope in you, no love will they find
Just an angry choke whose looking for mercy,
In all the wrong places in an endless sea!

But who am I to judge a fellow poet?
I'm a worse sinner, and I surely know it.
Like a stone am I, that can't move at all,
I'm too big to push, and to hard to haul!
I danced my time away, my heart beating,
Felt only the sway of the world spinning,
Yet even with the sun shining bright above,
I found myself in a most deceptive love.
Now the Father and the Son took the back seat,
And Holy Spirit no longer tasted sweet.

Like a postcard from some foreign land
Did you appear when you were at hand,
However you were hardly a fool,
Compared to what I was, a dumb tool.
For glory and fame you gave up your flame,
Rather far gone was your voice, no more fire.
For uncouth love, a penny pinching dame,
Who branded me of my oath a liar.

So the question now that transpires in
The realm of my mind, that list of has been's,
Is how do we know what path we should take
In order to serve God? His likeness create?
For it seems to me that the fault we shone
Is that we left God, who left us alone.
We sought to heal the hurts and the sorrow,
By bringing forth another tomorrow
With Dance and Song for people to live in,
To forget the pains and hurt of the has been.
But it seems we were ill equipped with thought,
Rather used the talents we had birth bought.

I thought you had the flame in your heart,
You thought that I had the beat to start,
I considered your song an inspiration,
And you thought that my dance made it all fun,
But these trinkets, these small contrivances
Were nothing to the knowledge of what is.
For in our haste to erase what has been,
We forgot history, to figure in.

Thus it follows, that if you think you know,
The means to erase the sorrows of woe,
You would be well advised to them up,
All the paths men took to fill their gold cup.
And it stands to be seen, a method won,
Where man did not falter in his travels;
For he didn't know that it was the Son
That lead to the cup that now overflows.

                    Slang Dong, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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