Friday, June 15, 2012

The Rushing Stream

Thought, that time bomb, that ever flowing stream,
Takes for it's bride that which falls in its path;
It's potential and scope beyond our dreams.
Broken down within it's barriers hath
Many an emotion become dry, coarse,
Unsuitable for the experience
They once promised man; just as a swift horse
Remains at the gate for a moment, senses
Primed for the start, and at the bell he lets
Fly all traces of anxiety in
The mad rush that overcomes them all, gets
Even the best of them to fall. Such din
Oft takes hold of Thought, as a dam does block
The way; like an great big unyielding rock.

And I who do hold in the palm of my
Hand that which falls into the stream of thy
Conscience thought, and becomes like so much salt,
So soluble that you give it no glance,
The way a knight would hold in hand a lance,
I who do hold such things as are drivel
To your mind, to your galaxy, am made
Little as a planet is to a full
Moon, as a moon is to an asteroid staid  
By the course of it's flight from becoming
The star it dreamed to be! And so you are
The dam that takes all emotion from me,
Like a great ocean of dreams is my far
Off mind, cast amid drifting clouds at sea.

Caught in such a place as this I am full
Of emotion, pinned against the great rock,
The gate refuses to budge, as the wool
Is pulled over the eyes is my soul! Rock
Me too and fro with your indecision,
You smile to see me struggle against such
Weight as my own captivity, am one
With my thought as I should not be; for touch
That stream, fall into it's mass, stray from your
Course, and you will become trapped in a star
That only hopes to take form, but needs chore,
Needs the bearing of your mind; but shall mar
Your very person, you shall drift at sea
Should you fail to make dreams reality.

Fear then the thought of my escape from hell,
Undelivered goods, dreams never given
Shape, light never given a source to tell
It's glorious story through it's rays, men
Who've never found their other half of life
During their wanderings, their travels. Give
Yourself over to the thought, may the strife
Of your mind become as rapids that live
Off of the Rocks of fear, as my mind breaks
From fear, now blocked by the dam of your lies.
Know that the time has come, shivering shakes
Have damned the dam of your lies of all ties
It once had to stability, it's firm
Hold now shows you as infirm jailer.

Fear, that inescapable phantasm
For those who do hold some hidden meaning
Behind their words, some unforeseen, given
Over are they to the eye, the gleaning
Of that which thought makes evident by our
Faculties of the soul, and causes such
A shaking of the body that slightest
Probes do cause lies to crumble at the touch
Of light. For a while I was given to
The power of it's hold; now through the leaks,
Ray's of intelligent discerning, true
Knowledge turned into believe by who seeks
To be free, faith made perfect by the break
Of a chain, and I am now free and far.

Though you once used such a bomb to keep me
Held up within the crevice of my mind,
That undeveloped stream, that human sea
Untouched by hands of the eternal,
I now employ such a bomb, of so kind
A mixture that fills me so very full,
As though I were a beggar at the feast
Made whole by the invitation of light
From Sunlit Clouds, great hand of the east,
And filled now with the knoweldge of your
Great deceit; so is your work now undone,
Not by some wind that did chance upon rocks
At mountains top, as often happens when
Avalanches are thought to have caused a block.

                    The Rushing Stream, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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