Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dawn meets Sunset

Upon the heels of fleeting glances made,
As red hue's upon the clouds at sunset,
So too was the thought that should have been staid,
And now I wish you and I had never met.
Yet still the merry go round doth move, such
Speed and furry, going nowhere at all,
So too did my words tumble out, to much
At once; I felt sure of myself too tall.
Since then I've thought upon the rushing stream,
Where drop upon drop doth follow in tow,
Seeking out with fleeting touch, that fair dream,
Seeking to be one wherever they go.

But in haste I spoke, like dust is my word;
I spoke of truth, but little have you heard.
Hast not the word the power to undo
The setting sun, so devoured by the night?
For as serpents stalk their foe, a small shrew,
So too does the coming darkness give fright.
Upon the heels of darkness comes the light,
Within the cave is seen a gleaming hope,
What once I took for glory is a blight,
Has been merely a tool by which I cope.
How swift the words do pour out upon dry
Sand, and leave but a memory of life;
For sand is not receptive, cannot fly
Within the dreams of men in all their strife.
Yet sought I through the day to speak the word
To sandy hills, red dunes, and mountain capes,
But for all the wind of their speech they heard
Nothing, did act akin to noisy apes.

Perhaps this wisdom, this word, this apple,
This choice fruit that I seek to give them all,
Should be kept in reserve, as land from sea,
So that what is beautiful red will not pall
Against the dull road that is their choice path,
As Spring does to Winter, the chill, it's wrath.
But when the sea craves the land at the tide
And covets what it has lost, then in time
Shall the sea return from frost, be allied
With the love of it's life; then fair rhyme
Shall be spoken, and words shall be exchanged
To the golden hues of a dawn, unchained.

So be the sea, and I'll be the land, I'll
Do my best not to force you with words, cold
Facts that make a still mere of me, a vile
Authority; merely cunning and old.
With fleeting glances you did look upon
The meaning of the words I did spake then;
And now you and I are apart, anon!
Now I am in a desolate garden.
Return O silence, let my mouth run dry,
No words be upon my lips this cold night,
Let my silent vigil of the night fly
To meet you in the warmth of new days light.
And when you hear the silence of the storm
That besets my heart, with words yet untold,
Then make fast your sails and return, O norm,
Forgive me my words, for having made bold.

Upon the heels of fleeting glances made,
When my sorrow did meet your warm embrace,
Upon the marrow that met music played
To the melody of rivals who race,
Upon the words that night infuses with plain
And cumbersome words does the daylight flee,
And by such sorrow doth the midnight rain
Come to mingle with the light that will be;
Yet by such sorrow is the dawn made sweet,
And bitter tears made from hasty words cured.
A better meeting no one will soon meet,
Than the dawn of the day by night procured.

When drawn apart by the poles of time, those
Mid way hours that we do so lament,
Then shall nature rue all down to it's toes
That it ever existed; for twas rent
In two by a falling star, of words black
With criticism, and gold with fair praise,
Such opposite foes did the host attack,
Did each other cancel out, did unphase.
Yet when the poles of time do cross as birds
That do wing their way through the crimson blot,
Or the fair pink rose sky, mixed blue and gold,
Then does the star yield to each what it ought,
A perfect mixture by which man may hold
The golden beams of sunlight made unsure
By the blackest rays of midnight that were.

Upon such fleeting heels of time made full
Of the eternal essence that is God,
May my words find root in your well made soul;
Lest you, upon my darkened path, do plod.
In my haste to speak I spoke with a flame
Untempered by such a mixture as this,
A flame that was filled with innocent shame,
And marked by such betrayal as a kiss.
Then let me make amends for my words now,
By your leave let me submit, let me bow.
I'll leave all my prized words behind to sing
Of the eternal glory you do bring
With but a moment in time moving still;
A time where light and darkness have their fill.

                           Dawn meets Sunset, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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