Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Search for Love

While the world about us collapses, folds,
I'll give a great shout to the masses, search
For your face among the crowd; for it holds
Much more, as songs sung out loud, and I lurch
Too and fro to get a glance of your face,
Glue my mind, do set mine eyes. A chore made
More and more difficult. Without a trace
You vanished, without coat; about I've played
My cards, but to an empty seat before
Me that speaks not, a great sea of darkness
That pulls me ever inward to the shore
I sought to save you; were I to confess
I'd make it known that I failed to procure
A way out of this mess that falls on our
Heads, slay my soul and mesh what still sure
Means I have in this life, despite how far
I'd have to walk in strife. What rite could cure
The absence of your smile? gentle walk? so
Much presence did you create, fullness in
The mind, you satisfied great longings! O,
For kind words on a moonlit night, my shins
Do ache to have walked so far and wide. Woe!
For I shall not discover you until
Inside I have come to peace with absence;
I've lied to myself, a crease made to fill
The void where you were! And to me presents
The ineffable fact, true knowledge of
Your being, the location of your self;
Yet as I cannot run, no faith in love,
I find the bridge that gaps our hands, this shelf
Upon which I do stand apart from you,
Makes me long to be myself, to be true.
Thus am I woken up, when I am born.
From me your presence like a veil was torn,
I search forever for a cloudless night
Whereby I see you reflected in light;
And though the world around us collapses,
Falls down like a house of cards, an earthquake
That longs to make all things steady, the plays
Of life, by which we seek out the handshake
That will turn embrace, will not change at all;
Provides us with a reason not to fall.

                  The Search for Love, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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