Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fight Night, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

If love be a polarity of gifts,
Then you and have, have got some rifts
A rough night!
Is ahead.

If love is to like whatever you do,
How then can you and I still be true?
Won't we fight?   
Go ahead!

What's good is bad, that's the way it seems,
She say's I'm a pain, I fight, then she leaves,
Ain't life a breezy day?
No way.
A hurricane's got a real cool name,
But everyone wishes it were more tame.
Always the same.  
Nobodies game!

Love don't fix what's already there,
You can't just bump, yeah! You gotta share,
Between you both, a plethora of gifts,
Fight though the anger and these your soul lifts.
Love begins,
Through has beens.

Because you can't just, make a perfect home,
Boredom sets in and you, feel all alone.
You chisel that face to, look like yourself,
And all you will get is, some helping elf.
No one wins.
No has beens.

Love is not some, fairy tale,
That you find,
It's living inside a great big whale,
Be more kind!
Please darling, do unwind!

What's bad is good for a little while,
You see where you've gone wrong, and you smile,
I hope so.
Don't you know?
Cause if you can't laugh off petty mistakes,
And crash through your love with all the great lakes,
Oh, no no...
So much woe.

Why don't you give in for once?
Try to see it her way.
Why don't you show him some love?
Don't make him pay,
Not that way.

You fight and you fight, you fight through the flare,
That rustic like steel lit glare.
See how you and she do fare,
Are your souls ready to bare?
Kiss and make up,
Fill up the cup,
Make for the moon,
Like hunting a coon.
And when you make it there,
Will you tell me, please, tell me how you two did fare?

Walking away won't make things right,
You're better off going down with a fight,
Don't you know,
That's the way love is.

Staying the same don't make for a match,
It certainly don't make the perfect catch,
Fish every night,
What a fright!

Love may be a polarity of sights,
Or a unanimity of fair heights,
Some strange insanity, a present that bites,
Great list of vanity, personal delights,
A means by which we are free from all rights
To sleep in peace, you see we don't sleep the nights!
Someone turn on the lights,
Little kids at home cause more fights.

All for the best,
That is my quest,
For where there is friction there is a fire,
A flame just waiting to burst into desire,
And from that passion I'll storm the heavens gate,
To overcome with love this raging spate!
A race tot he clouds darling,
If I win you owe me a farthing.

So baby, will you take my hand?
Together we'll meet the demand,
We'll meet it strong,
Meet it head on.
Love can see us through,
Out to sea, into the big blue,
I can't see through,
But I've got you. 

             Fight Night, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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