Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outer Space and Back

Within this fire that you've given unto me
Is the power of the sun or the raging sea.
Yet uncertain is your intent, in doubt I pace;
For fear I hide your gift, fear of disgrace.
Without I turn to pathways of the stars
That lead me further and further still, mars
Comes upon me and I don't even stop
To consider Saturn's rings, around I hop.
Yet while I fly you follow too, without
A trace to be seen in the cosmos at large,
You make yourself fast to my soul in rout,
And into my conscience you barge.
Whats wrong with me that I should flee this sight?
Decadent symptoms of raging delight;
Why do I fight what's truly good inside?
No surety besides my vacant pride.
I stare through space without a single thought,
And wonder vaguely what I"ll do if caught;
But still I don't consider it to be
Any more important than the raging sea,
And maybe that's why I didn't care for it,
For the gift that you gave, that I don't acquit;
Without the sun we'd never live a day,
But I didn't care for it, walk my own way.
I know in time I need to face this thing,
This beauty which you have given to me;
A treasure unused is a gift abused,
A traitor is a name with a heinous ring,
I'd rather climb high, higher than a tree.
But I know I've got to face what's inside,
I know that with you still am I allied;
You were waiting for me on the solid ground,
To hear from me, of my journeys, and found
That I'd become a better man through them,
Had mercy on me, did not my soul condemn.
I understand why it was you gave me
This gift, the power of the raging sea;
And I accept the eternal sun light
As worthy of my life, my cause, my fight!
Within my heart now is a noticed change,
From it's true call is no longer estranged,
I know what I have got to do in time,
And it start today by completing this rhyme.

                 Outer Space and Back, (c) Luke Bennette, Jun 2012

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