Friday, June 15, 2012

Give me a Sign

I look into the future
And there I see your face,
But then you vanished from me,
Your presence fled without a trace.

You looked into my future,
And saw a man without hope,
A man without commitment,
More likely to elope.

I searched for you, night and day,
But could not find you in the storm,
I overcame the lightning,
Only to be forlorn.

You stayed away from me,
You hid your eyes and cried,
You overcame your desire,
When you did me espied.

I found a place in Texas,
Where light never seemed to leave,
You hid from me there,
Hidden by what I could not perceive.

You began to wonder,
If I would ever be gone,
You began to wonder,
If I would go on and on.

I left you there, unseen, unknown,
And gave chase in another state.
Restless, I became weak, and fell,
I became a second rate.

You left your hiding place,
But fled when I caught your scent,
You never gave an inch,
You saw my principles were bent.

I pursued you still,
Through the wall of dust.
I thought that I must find you,
I thought that I surely must.

You wondered at my persistence,
But sighed at my lack of faith,
You wondered at my insistence,
But saw that I was merely a wraith.

I wondered at your meaning,
Why you left me high and dry,
I wondered if I was dreaming,
And gave a heave and a sigh.

You saw me begin to weaken,
To give myself over to age,
Saw that I was struggling to fight,
You saw I had begun to be sage.

I slowed down in time,
And could not keep up with your step,
I encountered your sign,
And hoped for you to interpret.

You came to me there,
In that crossroad between night and day.
You gave to me your sign,
Thus ended there the fray.

I pondered your intents,
As I saw you walk with ease,
I pondered your sign,
And begged you to stay with please. 

You turned and smiled, and said,
Life is easier than you know.
All you have to do is commit,
And give to all what you owe.

I saw you fade into the dust,
The storm that came at night.
I said I'll find you again, I must,
But was filled again with fright.

You filled my head with your voice,
And told me never fear.
You called me by name, my choice,
And told me that you are near. 

I stood up then,
I stooped down no longer,
I felt as though a child,
My weakness became the stronger.

You beckoned to me still,
I heard and followed you.
You told me I'd have my fill,
If I would only remain true.

I looked inside and wondered,
To see what I'd missed before.
The weight of what I'd carried,
Had made me very sore.
I still wonder whether a dream
Did steal upon my eyesight,
But then my wondering makes
Me fall outside of your sight.
I cannot help but hope
That a more clear sign with appear,
But I know that as long as I pray,
You will always be near.

                 Give me a Sign, (c) Luke Bennette, June 2012

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